Job Interviews


You cost the state billions when in risk in BOI


I received two messages today on LinkedIn from recruitment consultants congratulating me on my new job (welcome to last month) and asking me if I’d be interested in some “cracking” and “exciting” BDM roles they have available at the moment. FFS, told them both to fuck off, I truly detest these leeches.
Incidentally, my previous employer is still paying for my LinkedIn Sales Navigator premium service, which is quite funny. I’m expecting to be cut off any day now and a nasty email from them expecting reimbursement.






I fuckin think more about ditsys career than my own at this stage


It’s one of your most endearing qualities


Do some of you muldoons still use LinkedIn? I suppose you still have a bebo account too :joy:


No chance you’d be honest enough to tell them of course.


Any tips on how to prepare for a Skype interview?


Charge the laptop. Download skype.


I done 2 before coming home. Both I had 2 glasses of wine beforehand. I was in flying form and had a choice of two jobs.


I’ll get a bag of cans so


Also wear a pair of shorts or better still just your jocks. It’s liberating


You could nearly rub one out while you’re at it.


Be set up 5-10 minutes in advance. Don’t be a cunt turning up late.


Do a test call with a mate and ensure there are no connectivity issues on your side. Get the use of a decent headset if possible.
Get familiar with the skype functionality. Can you present your desktop? They might ask you to run through your CV and if you show the ability to present comfortably etc then its all bonus points.

A silent area, free from any disturbances during the call.
Do it on a connection with no contention issues.

Also google ‘skype interview posture’ and brush up the finer details.

sure you knew all this already :smile:


And if presenting your desktop, close tfk


Practice the phrase ‘would you like fries with that?’ 100 times in the mirror.


Don’t listen to this lad @Copper_pipe . He nearly took a job in Tipp only for us to talk him out of it.


I never properly thanked you for that.

Thank you @mac