Job Interviews


It’s just a pity that @Fitzy didn’t have the same trust in his e-peers. We’re a tight knit community on here and we all want the best for each other.


here is one I have used many times, other ones in relation to hard work- spent my summers as a student working in construction - learned the value of a good work ethic

Q - when have you been able to personally resolve an issue with a customer etc etc (there has always been a question of this type thrown in)

A - I like to tell a story of back when I was a student - i used work during all the holiday seasons for spending money, ah sure ya know yourself bit of money for the rest of the year hahaha. Anyway one Xmas, I got a job with Dunnes and was on my way into my shift when on the corridoor on the way in I saw this person in serious distress at the phone credit machine. it was one of those machines that you put your money in and it dispensed the credit slip. anyway he was creating quite a scene as it was the main hallway into the shopping centre at our busiest time of year. I kind of felt I had to go up to him and see what the matter was. Eventually after some persuasion I got him to calm down and sit on the bench next to the machine. he explained that he had put 50 euros into the machine and nothing had come out. He really needed that fifty euros. Anyway I signalled to another staff member to get him a cup of tea and got our head office to ring the machin distributor crowd. We put him on the phone to them and they ensured him that they would have someone there today and if there was fifty euros jammed in the machine it would be returned to him. he seemed happy enough with that and headed away. The manager on duty at the time commended me for my action and i actually received the employee of the month award. I guess the key was seperating the person from the problem. People are decent at the end of the day and we all can get a bit stressed from time to time.


They ensured him? Are you not required to be semi literate in your line of work?


Neutral background, a wall or blinds. Wear a shirt and tie


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Ive the winning ones cashed and the losers burned


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some dreadful banter here




In fairness i have to hand it to you. Once every 30 or 40 thousand posts you give me a laugh :joy:


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Fabulous anecdote @The_Selfish_Giant, you tell that one lovely.


Make sure you’re only naked from the waist down.
Decorate the back of your bed to look like an office. (one of those lads that paint signs on pitches for rubby matches would be ideal to help)


Did you get your money back?




@Loko_Cove has neglected to mention a fundamental flaw he made during interview #1 here. I wonder will he come clean, or will I have to out him…


Let’s hope he doesn’t have a surface pro. Still got the job tho, suppose it goes to show the level of talent around.


The camera was pointing the wrong way guys. The interviewer conducted the interview, while staring at his kitchen wall for twenty five minutes.


He’s lucky he wasnt wearing shorts so :joy:


Comedy fucking gold!!!