Job Interviews


Revenge will be sweet maaate


Likely wouldnt have been offered it if it was pointed the right way.


Take that back @flattythehurdler



When is the Interview mate?


Done and dusted.

Went ok I thought.


Hope you took a few tips from me :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Best of luck, mate.


Era im only chancing my arm tbh. Happy enough where I am. Not expecting to get it


Good luck with it
How was the Skype experience?


thats a bad attitude


Only being honest. Think the lack of experience will catch me out. Only working where I am since June.


Had an interview this morning and got an email 5 minutes afterwards looking for references, fingers crossed it’s goodbye to the bookmaking industry and Paddy Powers.


Best of luck bro. You should quit those parasitic cunts anyway.


Onwards and upwards


What kind of industry you heading for mate?


Good luck, pal.


I did an interview with them before and found them to completely up their own hole.

I got a knock back but that had absolutely no bearing on my opinion of them - the bastards.


Uber,it’s all positive stuff i’m hearing back from the place and the pay is the exact same! The American companies know how to look after their staff.


That STATS crowd in Limerick are supposed to be decent. Get paid to watch soccer :smirk:


Yeah. They have so much money they’re sponsoring gga podcasts now.