Johnny Giles


Some people have their own opinions on things and don’t just agree with whatever some hack says


Where did I say or suggest otherwise, all I said was that it was a good piece of radio. I couldn’t give a fuck what anyone here or in the media says, it doesn’t hurt to listen though. It’s at least as valid as what anyone here thinks don’t you agree.


Nope. They are clowns. There are LOI men here such as mickee and me. Students of the game such as rocko puke and rudi. We trump thise bogball loving epl fan boys


I go to loads of LOI games mate, I played the game for over 25 years, I’ve done a bit of coaching, I can make up my own mind about the game. But my thoughts are no more or less valid than any one else’s.


You’re making a holy show of yourself here.


The OTB guys are chumps


Can @mick_jones confirm this story?


Nearly wetting themselves this evening because CR7 took his shirt off last night.


they are fuds

hopefully mossy quinn isnt the new woolie






Gilesy is amazed that Seamus Coleman has been dropped by Everton, thinks Coleman is “back to his very best” and reckons “Manchester United will be looking at that situation”.

A few weeks ago Gilesy said that the first thing the new Manchester United manager should do was to get rid of Paul Pogba.

Gilesy has his finger on the pulse of modern football, alright. :grinning:


Gilesy is trolling he just doesn’t give a fuck anymore.


I’m pretty confident Giles isn’t even watching matches anymore


Nail on head.




Johnny, the GOAT Took the piss when he was playing, certainly taking the piss these days as a pundit