Jordan Peterson vs CH4

That’s very judgemental of you


Fire up an example there…

His pronoun stance was that he has no problem addressing a person by the pronoun they would prefer… But he would not be coerced into using language by authorities. It’s not the state, or a universities place , to tell people how and what they should speak once a person is not inciting hate.

A perfectly acceptable stance in my book.

It’s like you’ve skimmed through some guardian article on him and that’s your mind made up.

Would you be happy if your employer forced you to use certain language in the morning?

He was supporting freedom more than anything.


Me bollix.

You’re better than that bro.

New to me but use whatever pronoun you want bro


The screaming mullally string of piss from Leitrim won’t respond to that.

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Yeah @farmerinthecity. You have to read all his books and listen to eleven four hour podcasts before you can have an opinion on Peterson.

Which eleven have you listened to?


Lads like yourself would recommend Irish men have Jedward as their role models :joy:

as if someone like you would ever listen to a viewpoint that doesnt totally align with your skewed worldview


New Joe Rogan podcast with Dr Peterson teed up for the drive back to Dublin

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Let us know how it is. Early reviews seem a bit dodgy from what I’ve seen but I’d trust the TFK faithful to give a proper account.

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Canada is in some mess


Bit harsh on the ample lady but spot on otherwise