Jose Mourinho - Busted Flush?


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Fire up the link please


One man’s guru is another man’s bluffer, and that’s common to every person in that business.

There’s a pretty decent list of top sportspeople who don’t consider him a bluffer, however, including Steven Gerrard, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton and Padraig Harrington.



None of them overburdened with intelligence. Victoria pendleton is a narcissistic basket case.


Every successful sports person ever


Not that bad.


I’d say it’s more about what you do in a break.


I concur with @Mac.

Mourinho. is. box. office.


Podrig from West Mead is on the line, he wants to talk about whether Gabriel Obertan will be a good signing for Manchester United, Podrig, You’re on Sky Sports!


You cannot doubt Steven Gerrard.


Stay tuned for Bulmers Loive after Foive with me, Moychal MocMullen, in assooociation with Bulmers, with our guests Don Givens and John Anderson.


Has this been settled yet? Is Jose a busted flush or not?


Right. Tidied this up a bit and it’s back to being mostly about José.




Alex Ferguson Managerial Career Discussion thread
Alex Ferguson Managerial Career Discussion thread

awful bland “banter” from a poster who defines tedium
a personification of a most unfulfilling life
you kick out HBV and Tassotti and retain muck like this


But is Jose a busted flush mate ???




I think he is


What about Payet? What about all the Stoke and Palace players at this tournament?

Its all nonsense. Mentally they are weak, and they try to compensate for that then thru physicality. They are a mirror of their fans.

Alex Ferguson Managerial Career Discussion thread

Chelsea’s performance last season with Mourinho at the helm suggests that he is.