Kilkenny GAA thread

Maybe he means Kevin :rofl:

Our (ex) Power had his last real hurrah in the AI semi of 2001. His 2002 final appearance was just a cameo.

I was hoping @locke would bite.

Phew, I thought you had gone full blasphemer and meant RP Junior.

Real continental feel to that side, I remember the Spanish lad who used to point at his head and do a few fresh air headers before every corner.

Portlaoise I believe.

Did Kevin Power play that much for the seniors. I remember him being unreal in the year that himself and Henry were corner forwards for the minors

No, other than perhaps a Walsh Cup/Oireachtas appearance. Exceptional underage player, pace fell off a cliff very early.

Twadn’t pace was the problem wud that lad :wind_face:

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Hardly the CBS

Oscar. He was some character, gas fella. Had some KK accent on him when he left. Between him, me from Callan & Inchy from Tramore, we were tropical!

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Opinions are like arseholes, we all have them

They played Wexford CBS in a South leinster association football final last year got bet on penalties. Apparently all the subs were still pucking ball to each other while the match was going on. A school that actually doesn’t discriminate other sports, unlike likes of St. Peters College.

I was on the first Callan CBS team to ever win any kind of football trophy alongside lapsed poster @Ron_Jones (who was the captain) - we bet Heywood in a South Leinster C Junior final in Nowlan Park having beaten New Ross CBS, New Ross Tec and Bridgetown to make it that far.
Rathangan done us in the Leinster semi proper.
Football is good oul craic as long as it’s not taken seriously.

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We beat Wexford in a south east league match below in New Ross at minor level but it was laughed off by the Bellies as it was their Vocational Schools team. Tough shit, a win is a win.

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Thomastown win the u21. First ever.


RIP Bobby Jackman. Windgap native, adopted Callan man, a great man for KK camogie.


RIP. A gentleman all his days, known him since I was a pup.
The shock of the century in '86 was surely his finest hour.


The kittens surely deserve a post, what with all this soccer going on…

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