Kilkenny GAA thread

Kilkenny hurling is unfortunately experiencing a fallow period at the moment.
Yeah one can say it will come around as it always does but id respectfully disagree and id point to Cork as an example of this particular way of thinking and all that it entails.
Point of the matter is,we are fucked when it comes to dining at he top table,along with Tipp and obviously Cork as well.

Its not a level playing field anymore due to the smart fella that resides in the big house.

And no wonder hes throwing out guilt money.

Dominating Leinster and going through a fallow period, ye cunts :joy:


The wheel always turns, the Big House are 20 year’s sponsoring us didn’t do us any good for the first 14 years, it comes down as it always does to players and management.

They had fuck all to work with the first 14 years

Did anybody honestly ever think they’d witness a day when kilkenny fans would be reduced to this self pitying drivel and nonsense in the face of small auld harmless Limerick?

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Its not, literally a bunch if genetically gifted athletes that could hurl well came on in Limerick. Theyve brilliant young forwards coming through but nothing like that minor team

Shine is gifted but his size goes against him. How good is Jake Mullen? He’s must be fiery anyway!!

Luke hogan looks like a sort of mossy keoghan replica with less scoring ability. Corcoran centre back not sure but worth a try anyway.

Any chance KK have adapted their S&C approach?
Adrian Mullen excellent and looking very svelte for a fella who’s naturally a “horse” of a chap.

Probably the first proper pre season Mullen has done in years with Ballyhale not in the club championship final stages

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Definitely something different.

We just need two more Adrian Mullens


Paddy and Darren?

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