Kilkenny GAA thread


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Aye yeah, got it confirmed. Tried to bring Shine on aswell. Lines of communication must be great between him and Mark Dowling if Lyng didn’t even know there was a rule!!

Yes. The Kilkenny County Board rang Croke Park at halftime for clarification. They had been presuming that the 60 hour rule came in for 2024 rather than for 2025.

Fairly amateur mistake all things considered, they should have known although Patrick Fitzgerald couldn’t play even in the new abbreviation of the rule as the Waterford u20s had Friday night fixtures.

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The new rule is worded in a way that puts the responsibility on the various fixtures bodies to avoid fixing matches within 60 hours of each other

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The Munster council havent bother changing fixtures this year as the 60 hour rule is not in yet, next year will see the return of Wednesday night u20 fixtures across the board.


And to top it all off, it doesn’t count for Joe McDonagh counties

There had been a bit of chatter at congress about introducing it this year but it threatened such hell for the provincial schedules that it was deferred.


That makes sense alright, all of these games are pinpointed in some master fixtures schedule and those in charge don’t like to change such things.

Shefflin would also have been excoriated, but I think Lyng is a very good manager. An odd game will always go against you.

In fairness, changing them would be a logistical nightmare id imagine.

Disappointing result tonight considering all the missed chances, especially the penalty, hitting the bar too.
Shine was very good, lovely hurler. I think Dunne lacks something to be top class, got on plenty ball but didn’t have the class or elusiveness to make the most of it. Great tryer though. Bolger did well on screeney.

Didn’t get to see it, did anyone stand out? Where are we going to get a few forwards from.

Full back line was good, Bolger of graiuge did good man-marking job on screeney. Big lack of pace in half back line. Offaly much smaller and skilful.
Shine was excellent in the forwards and Marty Murphy caused lot of trouble at 14. Had enough chances to win it.

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Strange decision to let Dunne take the penalty. Shine has a much cleaner strike. I was disappointed in Dunne too. Looked a bit too bulked up to me.

Shine is a lovely natural striker.

Like a young Arthur Scargill

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He has it alright. Interesting will he get game time with the seniors as the year goes on.
As disappointed as you’d be, still have to be happy for offaly. Some lovely hurling, taught king and Spain in midfield were outstanding.
Offally and dublin final is one to look forward to.

The post-Bruce photo doing the rounds.
Not great with an important match coming up. And I’m talking about Wexford GAA too.