Kilkenny GAA thread

A long road to there, but you can sort of see how it might twist their thinking a bit.

We’re back baby!! Vivid memories going into training back in ‘82 & ‘83 and getting autographs on the back of chewing gum wrappers

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Seen on twitter someone arguing about the kilkenny 06-09 team and current limerick team. A kilkenny man said only 2 of current kk team would have made 00s team.
Id say 4 - Murphy Lawlor, Mullen and Cody.
Murphy far better keeper than mcgarry or Ryan and Lawlor more of a ball player than hickey.
I’ve rarely seen lawlor pull a wild /bad stroke, unlike hickey who could be filthy at times.

I’d have TJ before Henry.

Wasn’t tj reid a sub in 08 -11? His first start was against Galway.

Peak TJ vs peak Henry. TJ every time for me.

Tj done an awful lot of stats padding in the Leinster championship.

Has he managed five points from play against the bench mark team Limerick from 2018 to 24?

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Whatever. Someone put a case forward for Henry, you can’t.

Well he was picked to start ahead of him anyway.

Perhaps you could work Henry into another position, but why have two free takers on the same team? Both would go head to head if you were picking a team and for me, it’s TJ all day long.

Lawlor Hickey Tyrell
Walsh Hogan Delaney
Cha Lyng
Mullen Shefflin Larkin
Brennan TJ Power


Great team. I would swap shefflin out for Little Richie but then I would, wouldn’t I.

God our subs in 09 were Mick Fennelly, TJ and Martin Comerford. Now we have Billy Brennan, Owen Wall and Jordan Molloy.


There was hype around John dalton wasn’t there back then,

What did Henry shefflin ever do to you?

Sad to see Kilkenny resorting to picking all times and All Irelands to be won

Yeah, got some bad injuries from memory

He got sent off in a league final vs Dublin and Cody never looked his way again.

Started 2010 final I’m pretty sure.

Richie power got a great goal in the 2010 final. Completely forgotten about because of the result.

@Cheasty could you compile a list of great goals in finals that were forgotten about because of the end result.