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Lovely. I used to shop in that Freebird Records when it was on Grafton Street.

I presumed it was the one on O Connelly bridge!! I vaguely remember that one. The Grafton Street one must have been before my time

It was in Grafton Street over the Bus Stop newsagent at the bottom of Grafton St I’d guess until about 88/89

Leonard Enright in last place :cry:

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Jimmy the legend

Georgie Burgess was at the bottom saying “I’ll always remember you Sharon”. The lads didn’t have a clue what he was on about.

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Cant believe this actually happened and worked


Remember seeing it first time around.


Who’s on studio analysis there with Bill?

Fairly sure it’s Don Givens.

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Ahh when men were men…

Julian Clary was very funny, well ahead of his time