Laochra Gael - Back, and to the left hand on top

Because he’s two ends of a prick

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Hardy spot alright, nothing soft has ever left the place

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I was at a club match a few years back and after a hard fought battle we came out on top over CNM by a point. A few jung fellers started giving it big licks to the CNM dugout when the whistle was blown. Within 2 mins there was about 6 different scraps going on, some inside the wire most outside. Noelies mother was doing her level best to lever her boy off some fella on the ground… To no avail.

The guards were called eventually but thankfully everyone was at home by the time they arrived

CNM lost the match but won the afters on a clear KO decision


Cill na Martra is a little piece of paradise in Gods own country.

That was a great episode on Noel O’Leary.

Some level of tragedy but he’s come through it and spoke very well.

His reputation and demeanour as a player hid a very talented lad.

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