Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Well able to play the fiddle though in fairness to him.


Ahoy Charlie boy!


Gay Byrne licking Charlie Haughey’s hole. Pity the UVF didn’t kill both of the cunts


Charlie sticking up for the fingal crowd


Bantz by Charlie on the Liffey divide .

A man of the people .


The gas thing is that GTG was Taoiseach at the time .


Gay Byrne was an incredible presenter, he could have made it on the BBC


He’s a poor man Keith Chegwyn.


He wasn’t, it was CJH


Why, is he a a paedophile or something?


Would you look at where charlie sat in!


I’ve actually seen this dozens of times, my old fella recorded it on VHS and as there was often fuck all else on this was put on regularly.
This version of Springhill is quite decent though Bono is no Luke.


Bono and blood are the price of coal


There could only ever be one Luke in fairness.


Charlie was an alright sort but was russel Murphy did to Byrne was better than any shankhill butcher. He was crying into Kathleen’s harp for two years after it


Yes :


Christy was always more craic when he was drinking


Charlie was a cunt.

Rustler Murphy done Gay like a kipper alright and id say it sickens Gay to this day.


Russell Murphy is current government minister Eoghan Murphy’s grand father.


Never knew that. Funny Eoghan hasn’t mentioned it.