Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


There was a late late on christy sometime early to mid 90s which will surely be repeated


Jim McCann was a medical student and is a second cousin of Gerry McCann.


At least the changed their ways. Russell hated the rich, Eoghan hates the poor.

Without stealing all Gays money, would Eoghan have ended up educated in St Michaels House? His Father might have had a less fortunate upbringing…


That was splendid entertainment and nostalgia. As Irish as Irish can be.


Did Murphy screw him over twice or was it someone else the 2nd time?


Anglo ??


With a capital Oi!


Christy Moore was in the RA.

Gave a great rendition there of black velvet band.


The son in law…


That was good for the soul


Murphy only screwed him the once and then he up and died. I didn’t realize Gay got ridden a second time but I’m glad to hear it


I fucking hate The Auld Triangle now.

It’s become like the Dublin version of The Fields of Athenry.

“Sing us an 'oul song there…”

“A hungry feelin’…”

“Ah shut up actually.”


Watching it on the +1. Charlie has just entered stage right. Is after slagging Gay something rotten. CJH was a man of the people


Didn’t the son in law persuade him to sell the house in Howth, buy the penthouse in D4 and invest the rest in Anglo?

After advice, Gay decided to glass up all the balconies for heat gain which ‘trapped him’ and the roof leaked like the titanic having engineers in the flat as much as lodgers.

For such a pontificating sneering fuck he was a gullible aul fool.




I would give that two likes if I could.


“People try to put me in a box.”

Massive box love, is it?


What did I miss? I switched off after the two lassies with the wheel covers.


Surprised it took this long.

Spicer will be on the Late Late Show Friday night.


Young scientist of the year Simon on here now.

A fairly nice, harmless young fella.