Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Nightmare show for “tubs” tonight in fairness, loads of sportspeople and very little harry potter, pixies or fairies.


You were born a cultured Fingallian. Your pre-Tase mates were as eclectic a bunch as could be found but none of them were muldoons. * youve fought hard to escape suburban fingal and have obviously found respite in inner Fingal.

*Apart from the one whose surname was Muldoon.


Muldoon blood runs through me mate and I’m proud of that.

I’ve tried to distance myself (fairly successfully) from that Muldoon clan…


We never mention his old porto mates


Sonia and daughter car crash stuff naer a personality between either of them felt sorry for Tubs for once


Big time. 2 absolute bores


I’ll never forgot @Funtime going over to my Mam outside the church before my wedding and telling her he will do his best to prevent it kicking off between Porto and Malahide but “I can’t guarantee anything” and then finishing off by saying “I’m Malahide today by the way”





Colm farrell is a great fella lads

Iv just texted butterfly 5times to 50300 and ye should all do so too


The shark has been jumped.




Is Dobbo one of the most universally liked Irish men? Rarely hear anything bad about him


Sad to see a old style newsman like Dobbo reduced to this shite.


He’s carrying fair weight


A serious operator.


Ryan has caught this repeal ludar in the headlights here. Caught rotten.


Who is this bandit bastard


Alas, catches up with all of us.


Outstanding entertainment here