Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


What’s this now?


Some bitch had a sign for repeal in Dublin castle and she was revelling in her moment in the sun and how important the day was and how she felt so emboldened and proud.

Then Ryan showed a picture of the back of the sign where she had written ‘Simon Harris is a ride’. She was sickened.


It said ‘I fancy Simon Harris’


Super show in prospect here.


This is very interesting. In my country, the host of Talk of The Nation once had the chair that was used by Magnus Magnussan on Mastermind.

It was a very good show that night.


Am I right in saying that not a single one of those guests is on the RTE payroll? Must be the first time in years it’s happened


John C Reilly and Steve Coogan on the couch here, who play the lead roles in the upcoming Laurel and Hardy movie. They look like they utterly despise each other. Also Coogan looks embarrassed to be there so I deduce the movie is a dud.


John C Reilly is some pro, tremendous fun I’d say.


I played tennis against Steve Coogan once, he’s got a lovely slice.


She should have made this into a song




I’ve some horn on me after that


Good poem. Could have done with some subtitles


Ah for fuck sake I thought they’d have conlon on his own. Who the fuck are the rest of these ones.


What’s going on with Conlons teeth?


I’d say they’re like the stars…they come out at night


I’d say this blond one is some rag behind the layers of make up


Two lads are sound enough in fairness.


The world is fucked


Ah lads. :joy::joy::joy::joy: