Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Harmony. Sure she never had a chance


Is the one in the middle a bloke?


The world is fucked. Social media is an awful problem.


I was full sure they were actresses from a Wizard of Oz panto


I’d say the snowflake at the end would love to punch this social media one in the face


I thought they were Mary Queen of Scots groupies.


Whenever the aliens eventually land we’re fucked. Let’s just hope they land in the Middle East where they’ll have some chance of being killed.


Put the fucking social media cunt on the panel and leave this lad in the audience then. :unamused:


This lad making a difference and the state of the three apes sitting in the row in front of him.


“I’m very very proud of it, so I am”


They’d want to be careful or @Boxtyeater’s crew will be burning down the late late studio shortly


The late late has visited limerick and London but will never ever visit leitrim


Tubridy is calling out the glasflakes now


Tubridy equates the IRA with AL Quaida and ISIS.


Niall Boylan is the man for this job


She’s full of the usual liberal nonsense but the only one of these four with a modicum of intelligence is the journalist one at the end



“People who did bad things”.


Barry Keoghan is 26. I would’ve guessed 19


Which end?