League Sunday Thread


I was wondering how they’re after improving so much. Some man


Div 1 is easy


Balls going through the net in Castlebar has been an issue for years.


Is Anthony Moyles talking as if he’s biting the inside of his cheeks a new development?


Saturday 10 February

TG4, 1.30pm, Na Piarsaigh v Slaughtneil, All-Ireland club SHC semi-final (Throw-in 2pm)

TG4, 3.40pm, Cuala v Liam Mellows, All-Ireland club SHC semi-final (Throw-in 4pm)

eir Sports 1, 4.45pm, Dublin v Cork, Lidl Ladies FL Division 1 (Throw-in 5pm)

eir Sports 1, 6.50pm, Cavan v Meath, Allianz FL Division 2 (Throw-in 7pm)

eir Sports 2, 6pm, Dublin v Donegal, Allianz FL Division 1 (Throw-in 7pm)

Sunday 11 February

TG4, 11.50am, Galway v Mayo, Lidl Ladies FL Division 1 (Throw-in 12noon)

TG4, 1.35pm, Galway v Mayo, Allianz FL Division 1 (Throw-in 2pm)

TG4, 3.40pm, Monaghan v Kerry, Allianz FL Division 1 (Deferred coverage)

TG4, 5pm, Kildare v Tyrone, Allianz FL Division 1 (Deferred coverage)

RTE2, 9.30pm, Allianz League Sunday


They just showed on screen there a tweet from Buff Egan about today’s Waterford - Kilkenny match.

He has made it. He has gone national. A regular slot beckons.


He had one up 2 weeks back!


He has had loads of tweets up on it. He’s box office.



I hope to see him up in Cushendall next weekend.


That was a lovely finish from Jason Forde for the first Tipp goal.

Tipp keeper poor for the Wexford penalty.


Nowlan Park surely


“A shame to see Adrian Tuohy give an opponent a belt in the testicles”, says Michael Duignan.

“Hurling people don’t do that.”

I bet he learned it from Sky Sports.


Tuohy got away with helmet pulling last year he’ll probably get away with belting fellas in the balls this year


So what you’re saying is he’s good at what he does?


After leading into the programme with a reference to a “return of the people’s game”, Joanne makes an elementary mistake by saying Tyrone and Donegal contested last year’s Ulster final. Normally I wouldn’t give a shit about a presenter getting the pairing from a provincial final from the previous year wrong, but the Ulster final is by far the most important provincial final and it shows a staggering disrespect from somebody who is supposed to be doing this gig full time next year.


I played in a Dublin SHL game where one of our players got a nasty smack in the bollix. We brought him down to Jervis Street hospital and two days later the bollock was removed.


Shame, if one of the current Dublin squad went for his bollock, he’d have lost an ear.


Did you play for one or numerous clubs in Dublin during your playing days?


You stayed with him for two days?


Just the one, Mick.