League Sunday Thread


Stale banter here .


I like the white collar on that Tippperary jersey. Brings back good memories of this short-lived traditional style jersey.



Who is the Wexford number 5 sid ??


Perhaps @artfoley would know?


A feast of hurling on show here now :clap:


Dry your eyes hook nose


You can bet your house on Davy Glennon finishing those all day.


John Lennon got a double for Laois today, imagine that.


The hurling lads are unreal for red card apologism


Derek must have have a few stone lost


Nice bit of advertising there for DS Sports, O’Neills wont like that.


The boys just stopping short of telling Joanne that she’s a woman and what would she know about it.

I didn’t think Kelly’s was a red, but as someone said earlier today, the tackle in hurling is either to play the ball or ‘side to side’. The concept of holding a lad up with your arms is a foul but rarely blown.

The rules have always been liberally applied in hurling and that seems to keep most simpletons happy.

Eddie Brennan is in for a long year.


He’s aged 5 years already.


Anyway, I’m going to head into the living room in a while and throw on the Wexford-Limerick match having not been at it nor seen any highlights/footage from it yet.


I do occasionally wonder what sort of conversations the mandarins have about instructing referees. Clowns.


Daly’s ‘analysis’ is a joke.


Go in there with tae in a mug, you’ll need it.




Nobody told me


His forehead will be shinier than Claudia Winklemans hair after watching it