League Sunday Thread


Cooper absolutely mugged off for that goal. He’s finished.


A rather weird final handpass for the second goal


I really dislike this “offensive mark”.

It does exactly what it says on the tin, actually.


A bit behind here. What a pass for Callinan s first goal. Noel McGrath is a class act


All over the winter

Dublin are flying it, they are so focused for the 5 in a row. Half them didnt even go on the holiday.

Now we’ll be hearing

Dublin are just back from holidays, they’re a bit rusty still.


Colm Cooper says about Dublin: “they’ll get players back, they’ll be fine, I wouldn’t have any worries about them”.

Thank God for that, phew.


Brolly correct here. Dublin have been stink under the high ball to the full back line since Rory o Carroll went to new Zealand


Aboy Brolly!!!


I wonder do those houses behind the terrace in Clones have a good view of the pitch.


Brolly fed up already.


Joanne and Daly hate each other


You’ll find out shortly, Brolly does too.

They’ll have her gone in a few months.


Morgan has spent most of these highlights running back to his goal in panic.


She’s trying too hard on the first night. She’s hell bent on destroying the cosy love in and seems to take delight in highlighting instances of foul play.

Although that dig by McCarron was fairly bad.


An Ulster howiya.

That Sean O Shea sideline was sublime. Kerry will be alright.


They do not.

It is a tradition, however, that suppporters occupy the grassy hill behind those houses, from which you can see into the stadium, in a manner reminiscent of the famous “Tightwad Hill” at Berkeley Memorial stadium in San Francisco.

The houses opposite Celtic Park, Derry used to have a great view of the pitch, but alas, no longer, as a roof now obscures it.


No harm. The RTÉ hurling analysis has been too smug and self satisfied for years


Ah sure lookit I dunno. You’d get better analysis on here generally than you would on the TV. A certain generation love the Lyster/Loughnane/Brolly/Spillane show.

I’d rather watch more action than listen to lads talk banal generalities.


Brollys not even trying. A black polo shirt under a suit jacket.


Joanne is very tetchy tonight.