Leinster Hurling Thread


They played Offaly in one of those games too, which is the same as a bye.


And Davy put out pretty much a full strength team in that game when a calculated gamble of resting a few first teamers was needed.


Sure one of the weeks was a picnic up in Tullamore. I thought Davy was playing mind games during the week about us not having a chance because of the 4 weeks thing and how he’d put his house on Kilkenny. It reminded me of Martin O’Neill rocking up at Celtic and saying we didn’t have a chance of winning the league, while telling the players something else entirely. I expected Wexford to rebound from last week’s no show with a strong performance, but it needed to be for more than 40 minutes.


This is what he’s not getting paid to do, shur


Lee chin wouldn’t work to warm himself and he the captain of the wexford senior hurling team for goodness sake.
4 weeks in a row must mean he has a bit of catching up to do in his laying around time.


TJ Reid 0-22 Wexford 1-18.

As close to a one man band as there is in hurling.


Wexford could have done with a specialist man marker like James Breen to put the shackles on TJ Reid.


Wexford need more supporters like you mate.


I haven’t slept a wink. When I was on the treadmill in FLYEFit at 5.47am I got very annoyed about Davy and co not using the bench. Even bringing on Donohoe, Devereux or Moore for Firman after 55 minutes might have been enough. He’d started to toil on Blanchfield. Reck went across and quietened him, but then Donnelly came on and got 2 late points. Tomkins coming on after 69 minutes was only the 4th sub used. I feel sick. I can’t breathe. I’m very agitated.


Will you cop yourself on FFS sake


Interesting choice from James McGraths’s ream of officials to wear their black and yellow kit in Nowlan Park.
Hard to fathom how awful Wexford were in 2nd half after taking us apart easy enough in first. Our tactics in the first half seemed to be to hit it to Wally and hope for the best. The half time modification to hitting it to TJ and hoping for the best was a spectacular success. Cody is a genius.


Was Alan Kelly part of the team of officials last night in Nowlan Park?


The Wexford half forward line disappeared in the second half .


He was


Has he given up on the short passing, working it through the lines and support running they were developing in the league? They need to do something other than lump it to TJ / Wally if they’re to keep within an Ass’s roar of Galway.

Goalkeeper lumping it down between the 45 and 21 (and further at times) seems to be all rage these days.


He hit it short to Murphy a few times. He then lumped it down to Wally instead.

Deegan and Cillian seem to be the only lads with the nerve to work it short.

I’m not sure was Pádraig Walsh moved out of full back or just following his man but he is so much better with the bit of freedom in the half back line. Was Conor Delaney injured? Surely he’s worth a shot at full back.


Murphy was lumping it long, and into the second half, but Deegan had a few words with him and Murphy then at least looked like he thought about hitting an intelligent ball, before lumping it long…


I don’t believe he was the one who initiated the short game. I believe that was a player lead decision. Either way what went on in the first half was madness. Lumping big long ball down to the Wexford sweeper. Surely that was discussed beforehand. Serious lack of movement in the forwards aswell.


Agreed re Padraig Walsh, he’s too influential to be stuck at full back when we lack such quality all over the rest of the field. It was all well and good when JJ was in there considering the players we had in the half back line and midfield… Similar story with Galway and Burke


How did Buckley play yesterday, thought he was below par the last few games?