Leinster Hurling Thread


Agree ref Walsh.

He broke out with a ball in the second half, ran 25 meters with it, one look & straight over the bar. He is worth 2 or 3 points a game from wing back.


He was terrible in first half, magnificent in second. I think teams are targeting him as they see his importance to us. It was very obvious against Dublin.


@Bandage, my oul epal, I feel your pain more than most.


Keep the faith lad. Yes we threw away the game last night but importantly we are still in the championship. I feel Galway could give Kilkenny a trimming in the final if there in the mood.


I think they’ll take us at their ease like they did in Salthill.
They want a statement, not a manifesto at this stage. If they meet a Munster team in the semi, expect the paddling to happen then.


They did untold against Offaly in fairness.


Wexford Hurlers will have a big say in this year’s championship. Enjoy bashing Davy and the lads for now but I believe that there are huge performances to come from this team.


You’ve done a good job overall Davy, nobody is writing you off, so they’re not.


Kilkenny on a summer’s evening really is a fantastic place for a championship match with a decent crowd.

Great atmosphere in the town and Nowlan Park is the best hurling venue in Ireland and by extension the world. The pitch looked incredible last night.


Great review and fixed


This new championship is great too to be fair but clearly a few tweaks required with dates. 18 teams with a chance of winning the all Ireland.


Lols. A Freudian slip so it was.


Jesus you went to town on him didn’t ya


In fairness, Waterford v Wexford on a Saturday night back in 2006? was some atmosphere back in the day. Will try and get to one again at some stage



Just saw it there, clear handpass. What about his point?




Waterford should be allowed play their home games there next year.


I just listened to Davy’s post match South East Radio interview from Saturday night. The sheer devastation was palpable. Absolutely heartbreaking stuff. This will take at least 2.5 weeks to get over.


His interview in the indo was class. So it was.