Leinster Hurling Thread


He had a tiresome whinge about the referee in his interview with Oisin Langan after the game. About not getting any frees inside the 65. No mention of the amount of wides they hit


…or the last free in they got too where Kilkenny were breaking up the field. They didn’t score from play for most of the second half. Davy could be wasting his time alright but not because of referees.


Wasn’t he going ballistic in Innovate the week before, yet the free count ended 22-6 in his favour.


@Fran, he was very measured and absolutely correct. Hitting wides shouldn’t preclude one from discussing other things which impacted the result. I was very impressed with Davy’s immediate reaction post-match in calmly congratulating Brian Cody, having an amicable chat with him and serenely departing the pitch.

@mikehunt, are you referring to Joey Holden’s underarm toss at midfield or TJ Reid jumping / barrelling into someone near the Wexford 21 ala Padraic Maher? Neither was controversial in the slightest, and I can’t think of Kilkenny being hard done by when breaking forward on any other occasion.

Wexford were robbed, but I don’t want to go on about it. We need to get ready for Netwatch Dr Cullen Park or [insert sponsor here if applicable] Cusack Park.


The only resolution to resolve Davy’s outrage would be to let him ref it himself. He’d still have a moan at the ref but at least it would mean he would have to accept some blame for his team’s loss.


I think Davys history taints anything he does. His interview on sky after was fine too. He was pushed a few times to moan about the 4 weeks and he didnt really, just said that Kilkenny looked more energised. He mentioned once that he felt they found it harder to get frees. But the most of his interview was in praise of Kilkenny and his own team. Said about Kilkenny always giving it 110% and you know what you’ll get from them. Praised O Hanlon who did some job on TJ running around after him all day, which I dont know if that was meant to be humorous.

I think lads go out of their way to find one particular comment that he happens to say, focus on it and have a big whinge about Davy themselves.


It sounded like he was grasping at straws. I didn’t see the game live so I can’t comment on the referee but his fellow county man Jamsie ‘O Connor didn’t see anything wrong with his performance. Sounds like you’ve fallen for his sob stories


He was back to his old tactic of talking about things but then refusing to go into it, but we all know it was happening, so we did


The Holden hand pass. Relying on soft frees to keep the scoreboard ticking over is all well and good but complaining about the man awarding them is strange behaviour.


No, I was absolutely seething with James McGrath before any comment from Davy. But my reaction was similarly measured, albeit mine was on the INTERNET. I posted straight after the game* about Kilkenny manufacturing frees and McGrath being oblivious to it and not understanding the game. On the other hand I was aware that Wexford were barely awarded a free inside the Kilkenny half, but I alluded to it rather than explicitly stating it. I was leaving it to the reader to join the dots lest I be accused of downright sour grapes, even though Wexford were the better team by a considerable margin and Kilkenny have absolutely no business being in the Leinster Final.

*a “nice” post which was a great consolation.


Not a hand pass. I take it you just saw it once “as live” on The Sunday Game highlights rather than the replays of him clearly throwing it up for yer man to run onto.

Soft frees converted by Paudie Foley from 100 yards. :clap:


I hope you get over it soon, truth be told a Leinster final against Galway is a bit of a poisoned chalice


They are vastly overrated. Only for Barry Kelly doing Tipperary over in the semi-final last year they’d be 30 years without an All Ireland title.


Sssshhhh to fuck will you!!!


TEG Cusack Park to give it its correct title


That soft free kept them in the game as it looked like Kilkenny were about to go on and score at the other end. That could have been a momentum killer for Kilkenny. The ref helped Wexford out at the business end of the game. Wexford lost because they failed to score from play for the majority of the second half. Davy blames others in an attempt to deflect attention away from his own limitations as a manger.


Not a soft free.


Very soft.


They were lucky Barry Kelly wasn’t reffing. Barry wouldn’t call a foul unless absolutely sure.


I felt there was probably two occasions where Wexford should have had a free but they were never awarded. This was when KK were still 3 or 4 behind and would have been crucial… but these things happen in every game. Wexford’s wides were the real problem and Davy has done a great job deflecting from this.