Leinster Hurling Thread


We ended up losing the game by a single point after an opening period where we kicked nine wides, and somehow it was supposed to be the referee’s fault that we lost the game.

Give me a break.

I didn’t see him kicking too many of those, nor turning over too many possessions for us.

Did he make mistakes on the day? No question he did. But blaming a referee in those circumstances is a complete cop-out for management, players, or supporters who ultimately weren’t good enough on the day to get over the line.

cc@DavyFitz, @Bandage


They’re not mutually exclusive. It’s like someone robbing €100 from you and you losing another €100 yourself. And then someone saying “you’ve no right to complain about the €100 being robbed because you lost €100 yourself too.”



Genuine question. Did tj ever get rightly levelled early doors in a game?


To use your anology, Wexford got a soft free at a crucial time of the match to halt Kilkenny momentum. You robbed €100 back. The only money you are down is the €100 you lost which is your own fault.

To summarise, the reason you lost is because of all the wides. Davy and you mention the €100 robbed but fail to mention the €100 you robbed back or the €100 ye threw away.


It wasn’t a soft free.


There was multiple times during that run of play where Kilkenny got extremely soft frees and a similar incident at the other end didnt yield the same result. Are yousaying that a Kilkenny player throwing the ball is a soft free? Is it soft because it is technical or soft because you think it was a wrong call?

But I think you’ll find @bandage did already say that we contributed to our own downfall. Much like I did myself and any rational Wexford supporter would.


not that I know of, but in fairness to him, he can take heavy knocks.


Seems like a lovely fella. I’d be disgusted if he was taken out of a game by foul means.


What our lads need now is a little break abroad, away from hurling, just to regroup and enjoy each other’s company. Much like the trip in April. I’ll be contacting Cairde Loch Garman to donate another few euro to the kitty. They deserve it.


As a supporter it’s understandable that you only see the ones that go against you. Supporters blaming refs is understandable too. As a neutral I’m tired of listening to Davy whine about refs. He’s forever giving it the “poor me” shite. If he genuinely believes this to be the main reason why his team lost then Wexford supporters should start to worry.


That’s very unfair, mate.

It’s well known that there’s a vendetta against Davy and every team he is or has been involved with. Referees, linesmen, hawk eye match official, clubs, the media, other unnamed dark, sinister forces that I can’t go in to - everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is out to get Davy.


Davy makes simpletons seeth shocker.

Couple of points.
Holden free was not soft. He fouled the ball.
Referees think certain challenges are different. McGrath gave KK frees for challenges that seemed exactly the same on Wexford forwards but different decisions were made.
I think James McGrath is a bit of a cunt and never refs a game without some issues with his performance.


Standard Galway tactics


Unedifying to see bandage lose his grip on reality here. That reality being that the dubs will at ate them in Parnell next year and a kings ransom has been spent on nothing. Wexford people are some chumps if they believe Davys antics, Wexford is his meal ticket, nothing else, and seeing as he hasn’t the hurlers to do anything on the field the us v the world theatrics are needed off it to keep the money flowing.


It’s plain to see that Davy and his supporters are the ones that are seething here


Bullshit mate. The fans got some great memories of being on pitches all over Ireland watching their players warm down.


It’s sad to see but that’s the way it’s gone nowadays


Coming from someone who thought Johnny Coen threw it to JC I think we can treat this and the rest of your opinion with the disdain it deserves.


Was Saturday a bigger travesty of justice than DJ’s steps in 1991?


I really think we need to move on and allow the focus to return to the two counties contesting the upcoming Leinster Final.

Some people will certainly feel it was a bigger carriage of misjustice (cc @Captainshan) due to the difference in the referee’s interventions (or lack thereof) in the two halves of the field, as opposed to a one off mistake.

But it’s in the past now. I’m very proud of the lads.