Leinster Hurling Thread


I know in snowflakeland getting levelled is always unfair, but back in real life you can flatten a lad with a fair challenge. Tj is so important to kk, I was simply wondering whether he had ever been flattened physically early doors.


Even you Fran, must see the irony/hypocrisy in that statement.


The fact that you are trying to dress up a cynical early flattening as a fair challenge is worrying, maybe it’s just the way ye’re programmed


Galway are a very physically imposing unit.


Only Limerick of the sides left have the size to match Galway in the physical stakes.


They will physically bully most if not all teams into submission this year


After they have outhurled them :wink:


Davy has made more money for Wexford and the GAA than he has cost us.


Apart from Erik De Bruin, I can’t think of any coach who’s made such a substantial improvement to the strength, physicality, power, speed and stamina of an athlete or group of athletes in such a short period of time. It’s unbelievable really how Galway have evolved.


That’s a fallacy. Wexford supporters were always going to come back once they got competitive again. They did, mainly due to winning three Leinster U21’s in a row. In fact I think that they are regressing under Davy and would be better under different management. The sooner Wexford see this the better. It took Waterford & Clare a long time to recover ad (after Davy), both financially and physically.


That’ll be boys against men


Uncle Toni


Poor auld @Bandage, killed with envy :rofl:


Who should manage the Wexford Hurlers??


Derek McGrath


One of yere own. JJ Doyle would deserve a crack.


JJ is going to be the next Wexford manager, I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t. I’m not so sure they’d go any better under JJ to be honest.


Would you ever fuck off. Kk are as nasty a shower of Cynical bastards as ever played the game. Actually I can’t believe I’m even contemplating rising to this bait.


Flattythehurdler clearly you’ve forgotten Cody’s diktat: when KK do it it’s fine and manly but if anyone else does it it’s dangerous & dirty


Cody sets the rules and the referees.