Leinster Hurling Thread



+1, very fussy. Often find they can be stop-start games with phantom frees given.


I was going to use the word fallacy but I didn’t bother. Davy is box office.


Can’t see JJ getting it.


If you talk up Limerick once more in any way I’m going to murder you.


Good lad I’ve never seen that one before😁


I’ve been talking down Limerick of late. I was tipping them to win the All Ireland all year until about three weeks ago. Did you miss my downgrade to losing All Ireland finalist status? Galway for two in a row. Unlimited heartbreak to keep on running.


@Joe_Player is a neighbour of Davy.


Ok. That’s much better. Cheers.



You’re the one calling for someone to take TJ out in the first minute


Will you put your finger under the words and actually read them slowly, or get someone to read them to you?


decent article about our free taking woes by Chris Traynor. He pissed off some Limerick lads a few weeks ago on twitter too.

this here:

is the main point of it all, similar point I made about Waterfords capitulation to Tipp 2 weekends ago.


The fact that we had 3 free takers for the same type of free isn’t great. Foley is our best long range free taker and we didn’t learn that on Saturday. ROC is generally 9 out 10 but unfortunately that miss can be straight in front of the goal.

And the referee is controllable. KK are masters at it.


yeah the stat where the 3 of them are taking it from the one spot is a really bad indictment of things. It shows there is no set cohesion between who takes what where.

To an extent, yes, but you are more manipulating rather than controlling.

It’s like Mickey Hartes woeful interpretation of Con O Callaghan and him lamenting how he didnt follow his man back and because of that he got in a position to score a goal. As much as you want to dictate things about an opponent or get the referee on side, you still cant legislate for what others do. Wexford had 6 scoreable frees and missed. Davy moaning about picking out one instance where he could find a free to make a draw of it was silly, the game was in our own hands and that should be priority. You should never have to rely on either the opposition or the ref to do what you think they should or want them to do.


@Appendage is a bit of a moany cunt but thats a bit harsh


Am I right in thinking the Galway v Kilkenny match is the senior match this Sunday preceded by Cork v Clare?


You are correct .


They had to put the Cork v Clare game on first as it will be free flowing attacking hurling and it will keep viewers on for the following game. The ruck and maul hurling in Leisnter would just kill interest if it was on first.


Munster hurling is easier on the eye no doubt. Stats suggest the fancy-Dan shit don’t cut it come Aug/September.


Munster teams are dead by the time they reach the business end of things. Galway should just up sticks and come into Munster like Clare did.