Leo Varadkar

They’ll not get it.

Ah here.

No, on here…

Actually, it might have been this thread.

This shit is thrown out anytime anyone’s criticises this cretin.

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There’s a reason for that you know….

I’ve defended the man here this morning. I still think he’s a prick. But his sexuality should have nothing to do with that. Lads firing out homophobic remarks (sometimes subconsciously) to have a pop at the man. Juvenile.



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If anybody criticises Leo on here you have the same couple of Bridies jumping to his defence and tutt tutting about homophobia. He’s the taoiseach. He continuously makes stupid, boorish statements like the one above and deserves to be criticised for it. His sexual orientation is his own business but shouldn’t be used to mitigate his cuntish behaviour


Childish stuff from Leo.


Sure what’s new

How did he denigrate women?

He was pulling the piss out of Bill Clinton.

I thought you’d like that sort of thing?

I could think of some comments by male politicians that have denigrated women alright, most of them by Donald Trump, but those comments seem to get a free pass.

Barely concealed

A relative who works in Wexford General Hospital said he was a nuisance around the place when he completed a placement stint there years ago. Probably explains why he left his medical career for a punt at politics. Turned out well for him to be fair.

Bridie no 1 is in the house.

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Poor Micheal Martin would have appreciated that trip to Washington a lot more.

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You won’t bully me with your agenda Enoch

I’m agenda neutral.

I love you man