Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


13 years and counting without an All Ireland hurling title of any description, that’s some tradition you’re trying to paste, a 13 year tradition of shitting the togs once ye pass the Red Cow Hotel.


Made eat humble pie alright,but there’s a hunger / demand for Liam


During all of last season there was an undertone in both the hurling world and media. That being for every game up to and including the All Ireland Final, "ah shur tis only Limerick " This was never as blatant as on both the semi and the final.
Cork were sure they were home and hosed and by the time Galway woke up , the game was gone.


Tradition as in playing, winning all Ireland’s before ye could afford a ticket in to watch us


Have to agree,hope lessons learned


Good luck with that


tradition never scored a point kid.

Ye beat us cos ye were better than us.

Ye took the eye off the ball because ye’re Cork biiiy and will now have to spend a bit of time playing catch up. It’s not nice for the Cork mindset, I know, but that is the way it is.


In fairness ye got the warning below in Cork and didn’t heed it in June


Limerick might be a flash in the pan girls,who knows, remember ye weren’t at the top table for years


Cork will give it a lash


Did you watch the final to the end or what?


I know that. Hence have you seen me giving it “big licks” on this thread?


No argument there bud,think that mindset is gone, they were slated on media,in the street,in the clubs


Keep it up lads, only another 9500 posts to go. Should be done by June for the Munster final.


What’s this ye business paleface, we were winning All Ireland’s when ye were still arguing with the Kerry lads over a pair of hob nail boots


Yes why?


FFS our clubs were there winning before ye were formed


Does anyone know if we have an U-20 hurling management yet?


Ask them


And where were yer clubs in 1887 then?