Limerick GAA 2024

The Quarter Final was his best match. He was unreal.

Im sure once he’s nominated he’d be a popular choice among his fellow players.

Probably more vote friendly than anyone from Cork.

He’ll probably get it alright.


Can Cathal O Neill still get YHOTY?

It’s been some renaissance for a lad who seemed to have lost his way towards the latter stages of the Davy era. Like most of the Clare lads he had a great resurgence in 2018. Think he missed the league in 19’ to go study in Harvard? He’s been immense the last 3 years. I still can’t quite believe it’s almost 11 years since that magical night when he filleted Shane O’ Neill of Cork.

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I’d say Adam Hogan will get it.

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Which Cork players are eligible, is it just Eoin Downey?

They have introduced a masters category this year.
Hoggy bai is the bookies favourite at this point.

There actually nearly should be an award for best over 35.

Would be fair competition for it between Hoggy, TJ Reid, Conlon and Quaid this year.


He’s technically still eligible as is Joyce of Cork.

They brought it up to U22 in the last year or two.

Ethan Doherty won the Football in 2023 and was 22.

I didn’t know that.

Prob should make it under 23

It shouldn’t have to be that way but because young lads are so slow breaking through now, they had to. Eoin Cody even though he was good, won it 2x years in a row, because there was literally no one else eligible playing.

Our revenge will be the laughter of our referees.


It is under 22 a few years now I think. The last three winners were all in their last year of eligibility.

That is slowly shifting now that Covid has lifted and normal service resuming. A good glut of 20 to 23 year olds playing championship minutes this year and will continue to grow in the next few years when you look at the make up of most county sides currently.

There was a total lost generation of those born from around 1998 to 2003.

Yup, I think the sheer size of I/C playees pivoted in the second half of the 2010s, along with changes to the underage to reduce it by a year and then Covid on top of it. But like anything it goes in cycles.

There were only a handful of lads under 21 playing senior in the middle of the 2000s as well. Galway, Clare, Tipp and Kilkenny are all about to get a lot younger over the next couple of seasons and Limerick come the latter half of the decade.

Clare have 5 or 6 excellent prospects of a similar standard and potential to Conor Leen who has been a great addition who shouldn’t have too many barriers to entry over the next couple of years and that isn’t even including anyone from last years minor A/I winning team.

Nobody should comment on this case if they have broken a speed limit.

Typical Limerick. Making All Ireland Final week all about them.


Do serious motoring offences have any effect in triggering a suspended sentence? :thinking: