Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


Name your price kiddo


Free to a good home. Bail me out if there’s enough of the bastards to take me down


Deal. I’ll bring the union Jack if you bring the Palestinian flag


In the interests of fairness the fuckers should probably be armed


Who ? Us or them?




True, We’ll have the sandwiches.


And the flegs



A call to arms.

I wonder which of us will be the first to hear “we’ll bate ye back to the bridge”


Go on . I need to go to bed. Driving all over the country again tomorrow.
I’ll sort the tin foil out tomorrow, Should get it cheap enough around Cashel


That’ll do. When we’ve finished with the hoors we’ll scour these English hence


Don’t settle for 2nd hand tinfoil


where is this malachy lad gone?

malachy this malachy that saint malachy etc etc

twas getting rather annoying at the time


He’s playing for the Limerick B team, they’re the only ones that are going to give the Limerick A team a game this year. They’ll be getting four or five thousand fans paying to see them training down in Rathkeale.


He is going to be an excellent wing back option eventually. A great bit of cut about him!!! :wink:


Remember 2010 when Sheff came back for that training session before the final . Kk came to a standstill and 10,000 showed up in Nowlan Park .

Well wait till you see Rathkeale when the Limerick A v B game happens the week after the Munster final to keep the engine oiled . 15,000 in the town . Twill be like Christmas there with all the glamour .


Ah lads. That is outstanding. :crazy_face:


They seem to be @ClareSupporter on Twitter also…

Fair chance they’ll be more Limerick than Clare present on the day…


Who gives the remotest fuck whether there will be more cider filled half wits from Clare or cider filled half wits from limerick under the scoreboard on Sunday .


Cheers Pampers.