Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


Hes just not setting the heather ablaze at training i suppose


It’s Pat Simon now, a programme is fuck all good to you at a Limerick match


That’s an idea.

We need to make an unofficial official programme with players names as called by fans. It will be either first name, first name/ surname or alternative name.


ah the standard of nick name is gone away down in Limerick. We used to have Rasher, Banger, Hoola good strong names. Now we have Malachy and Pat Simon. FFS sake


I know the aim is to win a Munster final. I just think this is an obvious chance to give lads (who won’t weaken the team) an opportunity to keep them 100% on board. Last week Shane Dowling was being written off and look at the impact he had. I think this is great chance to start Nash/P.Casey/Dempsey/Browne/Hickey/Murphy. Obviously not all of them but 2-3 changes to freshen things up. Also no team has won playing three weeks on the trot in Munster. So it may also be a wise decision to freshen things up now.


The Dow
Hego…ya I’m fairly struggling after that.


Anyone calling an inter county hurler they don’t know personally by a nickname sounds a bit silly .


Is it ok for footballers?


anyone who isn’t on the panel wearing a jersey to a match looks a bit silly too. Sure the whole fucking thing is silly.


Gooch is a brand not a nickname .


Anyone over 18 wearing a replica jersey looks sad .


just about get away with it on a matchday.

But wearing one as leisure wear around the place, a fella would want a serious talking to.


I see it took Ian nearly three days to write a paragraph or two around the interview The Dow gave to the assembled medial at Sunday. Most of the article is dictation verbatim.

It’s a good read though. He uses words like ‘brazen’ and ‘treacherous’. Oh, and ‘immense’.

You can hear Ian asking really insightful questions in the audio posted above.


Hi Ian!


Hard to believe the dow is only 25. Feels like he has been setting the heather ablaze for 10 or so years at this stage.


Slippy? :joy:


yeah condon, mccarthy and hickey are 30
quaid and mul 28
dow and hannon then are 25/6
the rest are either only out of 21’s or still 21’s bar English and Dan Morrissey.

great age profile


Not dissimilar to Cork in 1999.


Browne is the same as Quaid and Mul.

Byrnes, Hego, Barry are older than English. So is Reidy.

English is the same age as DOD, Pat Ryan, Casey, Dempsey shur.


And the older three we could live without if we had to. The young fellas are already the spine of the team