Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


i was winging that one. fair play


FFS what are you trying to start. A row?
We are due a right good one. Events are going far too smoothly for Limerick hurling


The Limerick team for next Sunday will include Seanie, Case, Béarla, Shmarm, Cinnéide, Hego, Kyler, The Dow & Mul.

Amongst the subs will be Famous, Bonjee, Batman & Simon.

Malachy is not expected to be in the 26.


Most of them are abbreviations rather the nicknames .


Do we really need to ape Rogbee type monikers when talking about our GAA stars? Seriously?




How could I forget Bonjee!


Hannon & McCarthy.


Richie is Bonjee



Can’t remember us putting up three decent scores in consecutive matches against relatively decent opposition like that before. Admittedly one of those is against the Tipp dross who are the whipping boys of Munster hurling but anyway.

I’d say Kiely is one tough man to deal with. From the outside my guess is he’s feared but respected by the panel. Probably being a school principal automatically grants him that bit of authority and leadership. His interview after the game was gas.

Matt O’Callaghan - “15 points for Shane Dowling?”

A non plussed JK - “Had he? Good. That’ll give him a fighting chance.” :smile:

No empty platitudes.


Would you class this as silly?


No doubt a west limerick man!




love it.




**[quote=“FlakeAway, post:3843, topic:26194, full:true”]

Would you class this as silly?

It’s a good job he didn’t have a flag or he would have got himself arrested


Kyle Hayes v Conor Cleary, Flanagan v Pat O’Connor, R English v O’Donnell.

3 clear battles that we will win. Our midfield should be stronger than Malone and Colm Galvin, particularly as Galvin is in poor form.

Was nervous prior to the Waterford game but I can’t see anything but a Limerick win by 4/5 points on Sunday.


O’Donnell got the better of English last year…No reason he couldn’t again this year


SOD was on Mike Casey last year, pal.


Are you sure? … Actually, didn’t English come in as a sub? And I seem to remember him giving away 2 frees on SOD …