Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


Im sure, Mike Casey started corner back on him (which is not his position) and was caught for the two goals.

Richie English has a good record against him.


Yeah Richie came in and tried to bully him a bit but git called up for a few frees… Tis all coming back to me now.

The simple fact is that there’s never much between these two. Be very interesting to see how we handle the Clare forwards roaming out the field. I presume Podge will start and will be given his free role… Tony Kelly will be picking up ball deep as well… Will be a packed middle at times.


That prick Galvin always plays well against us though.


A packed middle will make Cian Lynch like a pig in shit.


They’re all pricks/cunts :joy:


Some decent lads there from personal experience Podge is sound as you could meet!


We’ll have two of them to worry about if Clare pick their team on form.

Colm Galvin has been poor the last two days though. He is their key man for me.


I don’t rate Ian at all,Colm is one of the best in the game when he performs and he’s well able to switch it on.


Talk from Clare lads is he may take Reidys jersey.


Hopefully! He’s good buddies with Lynch so mentally he will be beat against him before the balls even thrown in.


Does DOD pick up Kelly?


Kelly can be shackled when you put someone with pace on him.


Lynch > Kelly


Kelly can do wreck tho if he’s allowed… Different players.


You are wrong, it will be O’Donovan there.


You are spot on.


That’s what I said. The second post utilised a greater than sign.


Hardly comparable really but Kelly has done it far more often and I’d take him any day of the week if a transfer system was in place


Darragh O’Donovan compliments Lynch superbly. They’re a great duo in midfield.

Kelly will start in the half forward line and drift out. But I can see Limerick bottling him up very effectively.


I’m in full getting carried away mode. Lynch all day.