Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


I’m literally giddy and hopping off walls here


Lynch looks for and takes on responsibility.

Kelly, for all his talent, often avoids it.


Its fantastic in Limerick this week at work.


It was even better calling to Nenagh, Roscrea and Thurles yesterday


The goal chances were pleasing Sunday. Seeing Hayes leaving defenders behind him like dying wasps was a joy to behold.


As things stand Kelly’s achievements stand ahead of Lynch . They both had two average ( at best ) years in 2016 and 2017 .


What was even more pleasing was the ruthlessness and efficiency shown in the second half. While the goal chances in the second half weren’t taken, the fact that the game was won and they still went for them was pleasing.


Ray Cummins wouldn’t be welcome on this Limerick team


Yeah and the backs were visibly angry at allowing them one. Stubborn bastard of a full back line.


I can still see that moment as clear as day


We’ve conceded 4 goals in this championship. Seán Finn, excellent as he’s otherwise been, has been at fault for 3 of them.


How was he at fault for any of tipps goals?


Forde’s one. Completely missed the ball as he went to bat it. Did the same for Tommy Ryan’s on Sunday last.


I thought that was English? I was almost sure it was English Sunday anyway


It was English?


English was in the vicinity all right, but Finn missed the through ball.


Is that a question?


Very harsh blaming him for fordes goal too. It was a great ball in. If anything hickey got wrong side


Finn lost track of Ryan who ghosted goal side of him but it was English who missed it in the air.


Yes, Hickey was pulled from one corner to the other. I’m not trying to be harsh on the lad - he’s been very good, but he’s been caught a couple of times on head-high balls coming at him.