Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


There’s generally a chain of events leading up to any goal where you could blame a few people. Someone losing it handy out the field etc.

If it’s a problem I’m sure it’ll be rectified. I’d still like to see evidence of this as I honestly haven’t noticed it


Of all the goals conceded this year, the Cork goal is the most frustrating as there was at least 3/4 opportunities to clear it


Finn was ball watching for the tommy Ryan goal .


Yeah it was a sickener.

Another good thing about this team is we seem to kick on after an opposition goal. We have pretty much cancelled them out with points in the next few plays. Great great sign.



Two players were dispossed in the lead of to the goal and remember Horgan failed to rise the balk first time . Think RE threw himself in to the challenge too much , although Horgan would probably still have scored .


Yeah. I genuinely thought that goal would bury us


In hindsight if Quaid had tore after Horgan as soon as he started coming in, he might have cut the angle off


Horgan would have just popped it over his head .


Possibly but if memory serves me correct English got to him


There is some pile of rubbish on this thread.
FFS - We beat half a Tipp team
Drew with the biggest bottlers ever to wear Cork jerseys.
Beat a crumbling Waterford team that have run their race.
Ye are going on like we were Kilkenny in their pomp. Actually Kilkenny wouldn’t be going on like a crowd of wimmin. We have yet to be tested.


That’s what i’ve been saying all along but no one will listen.


How can you say that Kelly avoids responsibility? Granted he has been indifferent the last 2 years but we’re just judging him off the ridiculously high standard he’s set himself. He’s still popped up with plenty of scores.

Been outstanding for Clare in plenty of games minor to senior, almost single handily got his club to the all Ireland club final. Also hurled out of his skin at Fitzgibbon for UL.


Is that you Tom??


He did but he went for a full on tackle . To be fair Horgan gave Lk a chance after first fluff at rising the ball .


Tom Ryan says that .


Fuck it . Was English on a yellow? If not he should just have taken him out


The bauld Tom says a lot of things.


And he is right. We are playing well but Tipp were stone useless against us and we only pulled away in the last 10mins.
Cork cant handle a physical team and shit their pants
Waterford were so mentally drained from last year they have shown no appetite for hurling this year.
Clare have found a little bit of form but if we are genuine contenders should blow them off the field in Ennis
Wexfords physical pressence would be a far greater challenge to anything in Munster. And don’t talk to me about Kilkenny and Galway.


May all prove to be true but we are unbeaten all year after 70 minutes in all matches when did we ever do that before or score 26, 28 and 32 points in championship against Tipp, Cork and Waterford. I am not getting carried away but looking at things objectively🤔 we are on the right track.