Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


KK are gone to shit we were lacking any maturity and were too naive to beat them on their own patch last year,we are a different animal this year and id be very confident of not only beating that current side but clipping them like Galway did.


That’s a very pessimistic view of the world. Tipp was a lot of these lads 3rd championship game. Two debutants. They got 2-5 from play. The last 10 minutes when the game needed winning it was impressive.

Cork we lost Hannon and Gillane off and should have still won. Cork showed huge amounts of bottle to draw that game.

We battered a poor Waterford by the biggest margin they’ve been beaten by any other team. It honestly could and should have been more.

Tom Ryan is a bitter auld man


Closing in on 4K posts on this thread in less than 4 weeks truly box office👏


It’d be twice as much if we were going bad


Tom is a bitter ould man is right but he has seen this all before. As I have. I haven’t said we are on the rught track we just need so realise where we are. A buch of young hurlers who have buckets of potential but have beaten relatively poor teams


If you beat anyone they are poor in relation to you. We’ve had enough fucking defeats to be playing down wins. I’d take any we get and be happy about it. We’ve lost to bad cork, tipp and Waterford teams before.

If we beat Clare and Cork in a Munster final we’ll have been the first team to beat everyone else in the province and you’ll be griping we beat noone


While both are superb hurlers and have different skillsets; I would rather have Lynch right now.

Kelly has clearly had the better career to date- All-Ireland title and Hurler of the Year. But as of right now, Lynch is the more effective hurler. We are finally getting the best out of him and Clare are not getting the best of Kelly.

Lynch has almost always been too unselfish, he seems to be getting the balance right now. It’s certainly not something you could accuse Kelly of; he can be ridiculously selfish on the ball sometimes. Which is mad because he’s actually got great vision and can pick a pass.

Tbh they aren’t really comparable, and aren’t even playing in the same position anymore. But they’re both ‘marquee’ players.


I would think you have a fair point . Tipp were a mess , cork have huge flaws and Waterford weren’t really there last Sunday.

That said LK are going well , have improved greatly over last year and crucially are taking advantage of opposition weaknesses .


6 lads replying at once

Box office indeed!


Outside of Galway, the other 4 teams that are left (no offence to the 2 joe mcdonagh teams) and ourselves are much of a muchness pal. This years KK team arent a patch on their 07-14 teams. Wexford are Wexford, Cork are flaky as you said earlier and we’ll see what Clare have to offer on Sunday.

We’re in a good place with a lot of work to do. A semi-final is very realistic if we get a draw or better in Ennis on Sunday.


I travelled across to the league match against Offaly in Tullamore on February 4. They were on a high after thrashing Dublin the previous week and there was a decent crowd at it. We fooking dismantled them with more or less the same side we have now. Always a place we seemed to struggle in too. I remember leaving and saying to myself it’s only Offaly, it’s only the league it’s only February but the physicality, application, work rate and use of the ball that day was on a different level to what I had seen from us in a long time. We have carried on in that vein since regardless of the opposition and long may it continue.


I don’t see why Limerick should expect to blow Clare off the field this weekend. Think Clare are being under-rated coming into this. Fair enough they have simply not performed since 2013, but they have shown signs of progress in 2018 and were the only side, other than Galway, to dominate us for any period of a game this year, up until Gillane’s first goal.

I feel we have a stronger panel, which should see us over the line on the day, but they will be a little bit fresher and will be rejuvenated by beating Tipp and a potential return to form of Podge. I expect a ding-dong affair.


That Offaly team have set the heather ablaze since ok .


I did caveat what I said though in that it was only Offaly😉


While all that is true, I don’t think the teams in Leinster are any better.

The starting Kilkenny forwards scored 1 point from play against Wexford. Wexford have physicality, but I have doubts over their scoring power against the better teams. Like, we’ve been hitting big totals.

Galway are obviously very impressive so far.


We’re in bonus territory now. Out of 1B and qualified for the All-Ireland series.

It can be a thing that a team like this could drive on now that perceived pressure is off. Clare did it in 2013.

The Big Mo, baby!


The last three years Lk have met Clare in championship ;

2015 was one of the worst Munster championship games I witnessed and tbh in was obvious the winner was going to get a hiding from Tipp .

2016 was poor enough and Clare were better .

Last year Clare won very comfortably , with TK having a turkey , an utterly malfunctioning free taker and despite a bit of a switch off mid way through first half .

Lk are marginal favorites on merit but I still have a feeling Clare will be really up for this . Some of the over confidence around the county is comical .


Have you read the last 1000 post on here? A fair bit of balance is required


Bad analogy , 2013, Clare & Lk


The cunts have the biggest inferiority complex known to man against us of course they are going to be up for it!