Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


I said if they are genuine contenders they should. I.E. if they could go toe to toe with Galway. I didnt say they would. Clare are a middleing team but no AI winners unless they meet Cork in a final




They snigger at us and call us tog shitters.


What do they have to be sniggering at fuck sake! :rofl: more to any county than hurling.


As far as I can see things are going swimmingly but still early days.

Even last year when results were going against us I liked what we were trying to do. After the horror show of the previous two years it was always going to take time to lift us off the floor.

It’s slowly but surely coming together as we gradually stumble upon our strongest team piece by piece. I honestly think that the second half display in Salthill was the makings of this team. I remember saying to @The_Burner in the ground at half time it’s the same old shit. Then we came out and hurled up a storm to get the 1B elephant off our backs. The weight was lifted, belief coursed through the players and we’ve played with a freedom since.

Yeah we’ve only beaten poor Tipp and Waterford sides so far but for long enough we were the ones being walked on. We are not world beaters but I think we can give anyone a game on our day. At the same time we can lose to anyone on our day also if we drop our manic aggression (cc that baldy ginger prick Paulie)

Sunday will tell a lot about us. A horrible, awkward dump of a ground to go to needing a result. It’s lovely to be qualified out of the province but not reaching a Munster final now would be a set back. Not a complete disaster but a set back. A likely quarter final against Kilkenny where for once we’d be favourites would be fraught with danger. We’d be facing the same hoodoo Waterford faced against them in the qualifiers last year, having not beaten them in donkeys years.

Not many teams win in Ennis. Would be great to go down there and make another statement, like we did with 14 men in Cork.

It’s a wide open championship. Strike while the iron is hot. We mightn’t even get out of Munster next year.

It’s just nice to be following a side where there’s no fuck acting on the pitch or on the line. When this group of players are beaten they’ll have left it all out there. Even at the end on Sunday - and I know this is twee - but it was to nice the players taking photos and getting autographs with the young kids. Now we’ve a group of players that our kids can look up to rather than always looking up to players in other counties. There’s a feel good factor there. This group has won all the way up from u-16, they expect to win. Even more strangely I haven’t heard many apes screaming we are going to win the A-I. And nor should we looking at the way Galway are moving on relentlessly.

Probably being set up for an almighty fall but I’d be confident we’d give a decent account of ourselves at the weekend. I’ve a days drinking ahead of me on Saturday so my views are likely to change numerous times in the meantime but I think we are well capable to going down there and digging it out. Either way we are on an upward trajectory and I’d be getting the JP cheque book out to tie down the gaffer and Kinnerk to a new five year deal ASAP. Remember their term is up at the end of next year…!


Very well said, mate.


I can’t see us keeping it pucked out to ye on Sunday. Only conlon and maybe mcinerney will break even in the one on one battles. I might sell my ticket to a decent limerick man if I could find one, save myself the wasted trip.


Good post.

Just on the Ennis thing, though.This group of players have little baggage there, Dowlling, Hannon & Mulcahy won an U21 Munster semi there in 2011. Finn, English, Casey, Byrnes, Lynch, Hegarty, Tom Morrissey & Pat Simon won a Munster final there in 2015.

Granted it’s a kip, but they’ve given it a lick of paint and modernised the dressing rooms so much that the permanent stench of piss out of them has been eradicated.

This bunch strike me as being focused on the job and not worrying too much about the venue or the opposition. “We’ll play our game and you worry about us” type of attitude. It’s confident and refreshing.

Us Limerick supporters mightn’t like Ennis. I doubt the players give a toss.


+1 on the Ennis thing, in recent times we won 3 games in Cusack Park in 2011 between league and U21, and won the U21 there in 2015. Lost the league game in 2016 alright but it’s far from a graveyard for us in recent times.


We are miles behind Clare, Cork, Galway and KK…

You lads are cracked… Cork were exhausted when we met them, theyd wipe the floor with us if we meet again.


I think the year they hammered us in Ennis - Brian Geary at centre forward, Joe McKenna in charge - was the only time I’ve ever left a match involving us early. 2005/2006? Still scarred by that day. That mouthy little midget was still in goals for Clare that day IIRC.


We’ll bate Clare by 5 at least


The Ennis graveyard stuff is stupid talk . In 1986 Clare were decent and bate a bad Lk team . In 1990 Lk hammered an awful Clare team . In 1993 a poor Clare beat a poor Lk team . In 2006 Clare beat a shambles .

The results would have been the same anywhere .


That’s a fair point.


Anyone else hear Donal O Grady during commentary in the Tipp vs Clare game? (Ye probably didn’t seeing as most of ye here were at the Limerick game)

24.27 - “Limerick were pulling and dragging against Cork”

D’fuck is he on about.


He’s an arrogant Cork cunt who is bitter since he was ran out of the place second time round


A sly dig as if we brought Cork down to ‘our’ level and wouldn’t have been able to live with them otherwise. Bolox.


If in the unlikely event that bollixes ever became scarce he’d make a half dozen .


He said we were doing Kk tactics. Holding.