Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


It may be Mulcahy who loses out. Was away all weekend and couldn’t attend the game but by all accounts Dowling was excellent and is looking fitter, sharper and more mobile than ever, deadly stuff


It would be no harm to rest Mul anyway. He’s putting in some serious work…


Some 40 year old nacker who backs virtual horses for a living and probably sells drugs was trying to tell me we’ll beat clare by 10 points. Plenty of expert clowns around.


Plenty of experts said last week the Waterford game would be a 1 score game…


Have some respect for your father.


Kyle Hayes created four goal scoring chances on Sunday which at this level is very rare for any player in one game.


That Hegarty goal was one of the best we’ve scored in recent years in championship. The way Kyle delivers the angled cross field ball into space, Flanagan checks his man and ensures the ball beats him knowing full well he has the pace to beat his man and the corner back Is already in the wrong position. Flanagan then has the presence of mine to hold the ball up and weight the perfect pass to hego who times his run to perfection and then checks inside and finishes it off low into the corner. Just so so good. So much skill, vision, pace, power and team work involved.


starts around 0:58

Hegarty takes about 10 steps. :smiley:


Well according to that massive cork wanker donal o Grady once you are shouldered you are a loud take as many steps as you like.


#I believe


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Pretty much agree with all of that except, being pedantic, I don’t think we are stumbling upon our best team, Kiely seems to have been pretty methodical in building it.

I presume we’ll have an unchanged first 15 next week. Given how Kiely has stuck by players in possession of places/jersies until changes have been pretty much forced it will be a big statement if Peter Casey makes an appearance or even if he’s on the bench at the weekend. If he’s even a sub it means he has jumped ahead of a few players already. I think we mightn’t see him for the seniors til the munster final.

I can’t get over the strength of options in our full forward line all of a sudden. It’s not hard to see Nash having a bigger impact yet and making a case for inclusion.


John Kiely challenges Limerick charges to rise again


Rory Kiely - ar dheis dé go raibh a anam


The chances we are creating regularly on our own puck outs is light years away from what we’ve seen previously.

Two examples from last Sunday.

Quaid finds Tom Morrissey in space on the open stand side, he makes a few yards and then puts it over. Keeper to wing forward to umpire putting up the flag.

Second half - Quaid fires it out to the Mackey Stand side, Hayes runs on to it, makes about 40 yards as he tears through, all the other Limerick forwards peel off giving him a clear run on goal, should have scored but a fine save from O’Keeffe all the same.

Beats lumping it forward and hoping for the best.


To be honest it was a good goal but the Waterford defending was utterly shambolic . When Hegarty got the ball there are two defenders goal side .


he fucked one of them out of the way with brute strength while simultaneously sidestepping another one with the grace of a gazelle.

You’re an awful negative nelly or a pessimistic pete, if you will.


Morrissey won’t get his marker standing 5 yards off him like that again. It was a super score from him though.


I almost forgot Brian Geary was involved…


how can you almost forget something. Memory is binary. You either remember or you don’t