Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


Not at all pessimistic but if Lk gave away such a goal I would not be happy . The last defender back was Paraic Mahony which says it all .


No team could have prevented that goal


No way? He had a good innings to be fair.


Had been in UHL since the weekend, a right good innings.


By the way richie English cleaned out shane o donnell in the 2015 munster under 21 final. Had him for supper. Mike Casey has struggled in the past v Clare though.


The profits of half the FF pubs in Munster will slump. Gas fucker. RIP


he struggled in the corner on his debut last year at senior all right.

He was very very good the night of the 21’s down in Ennis in 2015. Ronan Lynch did wreck that night. It’s some sign that he can’t even get on the best 36 hurlers in the county.


Ronan Lynch is probably in the top 5 hurlers in the county. In terms of striking and vision anyway. It’s the other aspects of his game that let him down. Hopefully he sees the success we are having and knuckles down for his club.


Jaysus they are coming for the Limerick GAA old stock this week. RIP


Lynch was brilliant for the 21s last year. By the time of the AI club final he appeared to have gone backwards. Although I don’t think he was actually too bad in either game he was certainly capable of more. He lorded it then in the first game back for the club. I think it shows what a change of manager can do, O’Neill can’t say he got the best out of him. I hope he’ll get back to his best under Beary and he’ll push for involvement with the county again next year.


I always think it’s a bad sign of a fella when they move him about so much trying to find a place for him. He’s a lovely hurler no doubt, he’s lined out in almost every position, wing back, centre back, half forward line and full forward line for club and county… I don’t think he’s windy but he certainly lacks a bit of cut. Almost too nice and pure a hurler to be mucking in when necessary.


Well done Limerick, match by match focus, heads down and it will all fall into place.


that’s grand for the team and management.

We’ve already started thinking about the song for the All Ireland mate.


Fuck that shit ;



Reminds me of Mike Galligan


Savage work rate. Simple really.


Rory was a great fella, FF to the core but that meant nothing in his public dealings, he’d chat away to anybody but never outstay his welcome, had a great way with words, RIP


I’ll probably have a spare east terrace ticket going if anyone is looking for one. I’ll know for sure by tomorrow


Firing a PM!