Limerick GAA - Box Office


I heard a few of their players are gone for the summer.

Was Brendan O’Connor one of them, saw he wasn’t listed on the programme?


Western Gaels were seven or eight points up at half time. I’m reliably informed there was a row in their dressing room at half time and they eventually fell over the line by a point at full time.

Meant to be a lot of unhappy people in the club over all their imports. Kildimo, Croagh, Wexford, Dublin - they take them in from near and far.


I’ve heard alright that a major benefactor of their club is almost ready to pull the plug.


No, he didn’t play. Adare were missing a few alright.

Saw Cappamore last year a couple of times. They are limited but they’ve some amount of doggedness and spirit about them.


They’re very well setup and organised. And most of them are able to hurl a bit, they probably lack a couple of real standout players to stand up to the marquee players other senior teams will have.


Be great if the Kildimo lads went home and helped the revolution there.


Always good to come in here for a laugh. :joy:


Oh look it’s Billy Bigballs!


Firstly I’m not your mate. Secondly I simply have an interest in seeing that which has destroyed successive panels in Limerick from getting away with the same shit time and time again. After so many years with success at minor and u/21 we still have not had success at senior, at least not something which befits a county that sees itself as one of the top hurling counties.

Kiely is, unfortunately for him, just the understudy because he was very much the second choice for the job.


McKenna is one of the reasons that Limerick is the pile of political steaming shit that it is. He is under the control of the big house and makes no secret of his hatred towards anything other than intercounty hurling. That and a complacent board of souptakers makes for sorry decisions being made.


Joe McKenna has done more for Limerick GAA than ever a useless cunt like you has or will.


In fairness Batt, politics is the least of Limerick’s problems. The way you go on, it’s as if ye have 15 AI winners on the sideline not getting their game.


Batt is a gossipy old cunt, there’s always some fucking scandal or someone taking soup, what a crock of shit.


Who do we want to get in the qualifiers lads…I’d rather not go up to Westmeath again…waste of time.

KK or Dublin at home would be my preference…in that order.


What the fuck would you know about Limerick hurling anyway?


I don’t think for a second at the moment that we are a county capable of winning an AI. We have had panels in the past who could trouble the best and through misfortune or bad management, didn’t make it. The current crop of lads may not be AI winners but, on paper at least, should be capable of troubling the best counties out there.

Politics has held Limerick back since the days of Mackey.


Fuck off.


Enough to know Joe McKenna would end you if you had the balls to say any such thing to his face. No fear of you locating aforementioned balls mind you.


I see Na Piarsaigh have pulled out of the u14 football. Some joke of a club.