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From what I can see, they took one beating then gave two walkovers. That’s absolutely ridiculous carry on for a club of their size. They look like they’ve given a walkover at u14 hurling too recently.


Really? That’s v surprising


Serous question for Limerick people . If that 2014 semi had been a draw , how would the replay have went .

FWIW I think Lk would have been beaten well and a more realistic appraisal would have taken place .


Have they reached a peak ??


They were shite at u14 hurling last year as well I think. Got hammered in most games. They played div 2 u15 this year and didn’t win their group.


That is strange enough. Surely they have big numbers at that age group?

Maybe they can’t get coaches, I know we have that problem at underage.


I find that hard to believe. They had / have 2 or 3 on the county u14 football panel too I think.


I assume, rightly or wrongly, that I have a number of years on you. With that comes a few lessons learned. I quickly learned as a young man that if you don’t say the right thing in certain quarters that you will be ostracised. There are three things you can do in that case. 1. Give in and accept that your point of view was wrong. 2. Issue some sort of white flag to the protagonists and wait to see if they will allow you back to do what you love doing. 3. Stick to your guns and take whatever comes your way safe in the knowledge that you were right. Guess which one I choose?

In Limerick there have always been people to fire the mudballs created by the suits in meetings held behind closed doors. That is why we are on a hiding to nothing in this county. Too many souptakers hoping for the crumbs to fall their way. The reason people like me are despised is because I will never ever be beholden to such cunts. Not in a million years would I be in a position to be under a compliment to them. For one reason or another I am entitled to get an AI ticket every year and boy do I get a bit of joy in going in for that ticket. If they stopped me from getting it tomorrow, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.

So they, like you can fuck off. I’ll still be involved in my own club and will get as much of a thrill out of going to see the young lads and ladies playing as I do the adults. I don’t need crumbs or soup.


So in summary, you did what you were told and said yes sir no sir, and you pick up your all Ireland crumbs.

Good boy.


If thats your interpretation of it, then so be it.

I see it differently and couldn’t care less what your thoughts are.



A Lot of people reckon the freak weather equalised that game from outside of Limerick…its still often said to me,

But looking back on it…it was just a morale victory…at least we turned up etc after the disaster the year before against Clare…when we shate the togs.

O’Gradys first spell in 11 along with Allens 2 years and O’Gradys few months in 14 had us v close.

The real mistake was giving TJ the reigns in 15/16 without a seasoned coach beside him. I was wrong about O’Grady in 14 as well looking back on it…I felt at the time that he walked out on us which he did but the Co Board pushed him.


Na P dominated underage in the mid to late eighties . They won an AI feile in 1984 . These teams were the basis for win junior in 1991 and intermediate in 1994 . They never really did it in senior ranks thereafter as the underage kind of dried up . They had small representation of the 3 u21s, I think Kieran Bermingham on panel .

They came again in the last decade at underage and the ASR project has helped too .


No offence to ASR but I’d love to see CBS rediscover its hurling tradition any day rather than having 5/6 Clare young lads piggy backing off it over there.


Sexton Street will never come back . Down to demographics and more folk from hurling areas are going to Castletroy and ASR . It will be vital to getting the Jesuits to promote the game given the growth of Mungret St Paul’s . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What politics are holding them back at the moment?


If you really don’t give a fuck, why don’t you have the courage of your convictions to just say what you want to say in plain English for all to see, instead of using stupid fucking nicknames and code words to hide behind.

“Suits”, “Soup takers”, “PMU”, “the failed salesman”, “PJ”, “the big house”… stop being such a spineless fuck and say what you want to say. You don’t even have the gumption to name JP McManus by his proper fucking name ffs and you make out you’re some sort of fearless renegade :rollseyes:

You’re the personification of the problem Batt. You are what is wrong with Limerick GAA.


:eek: :popcorn:


Would it be anything to do with the fact that you go about spreading rumors about a dead man, his grieving parents, widow, and two young boys? You fucking creep.


This site is unreal .