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Junior teams can hardly afford two sets of jerseys.


Bullshit in this day and age. Besides, they have neighboring clubs. Even the county jersey. That’s amateur shit. Even U14 Feile na nGael teams have change kit solutions.


Not ideal, but I think there have been worse clashes at senior intercounty this year. And yes, this is amateur shit.


Who wants to wear the jersey of the parish next door, who are most likely cunts?


Aye, much better to not be able to tell the difference between your teammate and opponent :rollseyes:


Blue jerseys and red jerseys create regular colour clashes in Limerick.
I thought every club had a change set at this stage except for one notable divisional side who never change in Limerick but did change in Munster.


A cracking story is breaking about upcoming plans for senior hurling management. Pro is the way to go.


That was actually the first time that the new and current Limerick jersey was worn by any team.


Go on…


You can make it up yourself from that


I love you guys.


I’ve no imagination. PM me please


Ah give us the goss there like a good man…how much???


equivalent salary would be expected


We are a joke.


John Kiely taking a sabbatical from the teaching and is being employed in ‘the big house’ as someone around here puts it. Would that be a good guess?


For twice his regular wage.


I heard it was time and a half.


Those white jerseys are Feenagh/Kilmeedy’s. change of jerseys. I just don’t understand why you would choose to go for so much blue in your “change” set seeing as the fucking reason you have to change is that the other crowd are blue… Apes


No rumours pal, truth is all that matters. But guess what? Batt will sleep easy tonight knowing that I have upset a few cunts like your good self.