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Much easier to have you guessing and clearly its working as my posts seem to get plenty attention and I get followed by the likes of yourself.

But if you followed my posts that much you would have seen a post where I outlined the monkiers for the people you mention. Souptakers is a rather generic term, one I imagine would include you,. Maybe by not naming them it would be more of an insult in a way? Anyway, whether or not you agree I couldn’t give a shit. Nice to know I upset you to reply to me. Thanks pal.


For a start there is the politics of the management appointment. Daly was clearly the first choice and due to the fact that he was owed money he didn’t take the gig. Kiely, shamefully treated, was the second choice and he knew it.
The politics of the Captaincy. A man that can’t even hold his place down should never be captain. Ryan has served us well but he should not be captain.
The politics of selection. Lads keeping their place because of what they did in the past. Time for a long hard look at this.
The politics of interference from the big house and the numpties it has out in place. The league this year and the match against Claire shows us that all the money in the world won’t buy success.
The politics of the clubs and the control that the Ennis rd have over them. Senior clubs can’t see the wood for the trees. And to coin a recent phrase, they work for the few, not the many.


You ape. You don’t even have the courage to say what you want to say.

I’m not afraid to say what I want to say because I’m not a little soft cunt like you. Trying to pass yourself off as a fearless outspoken rebel and you don’t even have the balls to use their names. If you want to say Mike Riordan is only a cunt and Donal Morrissey is a lickspittle who gave it big licks from the delegates floor then just fucking say so.



Kiely ruled himself out of the job at the beginning.


Incorrect on Daly being 1st Choice. He was never spoken to about the job.

James Ryan is the natural leader of the group. Whether he is a garaunteed starter or not is irrelevant. That’s why Byrnes & Hegarty were named Vice Captains. James Ryan is the groups natural leader and the player the rest look to.

Money won’t bring success??.. We fucking know that genius, this isn’t the fucking champions league.

There is no outside influence from “benefactors”. John Fitzgibbon would still be on the panel if that was the case.

There is no County Board influence on team selection. If there was Tom Morrissey would be starting. Dan Morrissey deserved his start v Clare through his own hard work. Whether or not he is good enough in the long term is another matter.

Every county board in the country are looked on as cunts by the gaa fans in their county. The senior clubs are the same as the senior clubs in every other county in Ireland (looking after their own house primarily)

So basically, you’re talking an awful lot of bollox


He was, its a well known fact.

We’ll agree to disagree on this. The natural leader should lead on the field.

No shit, Sherlock.

Fitzgibbon spent more time on the panel than other very fine hurlers who were not given half the chance to make an impression.

I stand by my assertion that there are players playing who are there because of past performances

So that makes it ok then?

Talking enough bollox yourself pal.


Throw out a few names there Batt of hurlers who deserve to be on the Limerick team instead of fellas who are passed it?


Barry Foley. Club player of the year, 2016.


There is a John Mullane in every hamlet in west Limerick . Pallasgreen has two unseen Ken McGraths and the hills of Ballyhoura have a hidden Brian Lohan & Seanie McMahon .

Politics have seen that "full many a flower is born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness on the desert air " .


He can’t because he’s talking bollox. Big man pub talk. You’d swear Limerick were any different to any other county. Truth is we aren’t, we’re simply not good enough. Apes like this simpleton like to think Limerick would have 20 All Irelands if it wasn’t for politics ffs sake :rolling_eyes:


It’s not a well known fact, it’s typical Limerick Hurling bollox talk perpetrated by the likes of you who actually knows fuck all. I can tell you Daly was never on the cards. Kiely had to be convinced to take it alright because he was concerned about time with work and family etc. Daly had no interview. He made it clear some years back that he wanted a break from senior management for a spell.

You’re point on the Senior clubs and other clubs is pointless stuff. The clubs in every other county are the exact same, you are trying to make out that the clubs in Limerick are out on their own and its a factor in why we are not successful. That’s just not the case. Limerick Clubs are the same as the rest, no better no worse.

We should have won All Irelands in 94 & 96. That’s about it. 2 missed opportunities in 70 odd years when we actually were the best side in the country. After that we just weren’t or aren’t good enough.


You’re no degree of man, a bitter little spoofer, as has been shown up here. Batt may sleep easy at night, but only because he doesn’t realise what a let down if a human being he is.


Jez lads ye are going at it hard at galf 2 on a Wednesday morning…


The box office is always open. It is more like Jeremy Kyle.


Limerick GAA never sleeps…


I would fancy the Dubs to beat ye
If ye draw them


You fancy everyone to beat us except when we play Clare — then you shit yourself.


Oh true


Buckley and Ryan expected back for the 24th?


Buckley played 20 min against Dublin last week anyway. Be interesting to see will he play for Drom tomorrow night!