Limerick GAA - Box Office


Ah, very good. I thought that either Westmeath or Laois/Carlow could go to the Munster side.


No you can’t


Look we need games, but the right games… Dublin would be a good challenge for us right now in a do or die and come through that and I’d be more than happy to have a hop off what ever is left… We can laugh off the league all you want but staying in 1b hasn’t helped Dowling, Hannon, Ryan, Browne etc. etc… We need to be playing at a decent standard regularly and the new proposal will benefit us more than anyone… Am I right in saying we will play all four of the other Munster teams under the new proposals? We’ve a decent crop of young lads that need as many big games as possible… So I don’t mind getting KK or Tipp, but I wouldn’t mind a game or two more before then either.


Would agree with this. A hammering from KK ot this moment in time would imo drag into next season which is exactly what we don’t need.


Games games games




Limerick would beat KK I think its the draw for ye no mess


We can’t get Tipp in the qualifers is that right? Or at least straight away?

Dublin away would be ideal. A night out in the capital and i am sure we would beat them.


I’d prefer a trip to Nowlan Park being honest. To drive the final nail into them.


1B lol. Didn’t affect Wexford, Galway or Waterford too badly. It’s all about the preparation. And clearly Limerick are a shambles.


I’d nearly go to Kilkenny to watch Limerick play them. It’d be amusing whoever lost it.


Kilkenny would beat us in Nowlan Park.


Didn’t affect Wexford what? Winning one game? Limerick won plenty of games between 2012-2014 with a relatively young and new team but never pushed on and a lot of those players have stagnated…it’s a simple point, mate.


Possibly but IMO unlikely. Limerick have gone into kill mode. No venue nor no team will be able for us.


1B has little or no impact.


That’s bolox one season in 1b is ok but 5 years like limerick as a detrimental effect on the team.


6 years this year?


Who are you hoping to dtaw


1B excuses have worn thin at this stage. There are no excuses nor neither do we need them. It’s all out kill mode now for Limerick. The party’s over.


We can’t play a Munster team in this round but I’m not sure after that.