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The Dubs away is ideal. A night on the piss in Dublin and if we can’t bate the Dubs we’ve no business being anywhere near the championship. Beat them and you’ve got a bit of momentum going into the next round. Win, win, win


Are you an alcoholic?


How long have Wexford been down there?


That’s what Limerick hurling does to a man


As long as Limerick and theyve won 1 game in 6 years.


Only fooling with you there mate.


Since it was invented.

Were Limerick in 1B when they lost narrowly to Kilkenny?


WHat have wexford achieved in the last 5 years? Less than limerick.


Both Wexford and Limerick were screwed in 2010 at 1B ’ s inception. Limerick were denied promotion and Wexford were relegated down to the new six county 1A/1B format.


Joke of a draw. Lucky KK cunts.



Good win for Drom tonight. They’ll have to sort their fullback line though. Buckley played 20 minutes, nothing special but great to see him back. Caseys won the other game.


What was the score in the Feenagh/Broadford match ?


1-17 to 3-4 or something like that. I was told to back Kieran’s tomorrow night.


when the qf draw


Monday morning Joe.
Backdoor season is going to really heat up the Championship. There are still nine counties left in it with a realistic chance of winning it.


Indeed there is


BBQ down the gob, about 8 beers in so far… 4 slabs left between 3 of us.


Are i n cork


We haven’t gone away you know