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Were ye ever there ?


Beat Waterford in that Mickey Mouse u25 Munster final by two points. Oisin O’Reilly bagged a hat trick.

It was basically a reserve u21 team we put out today. Won’t be many who will start on Thursday.


Very strong panel at U21 level this year.Final score today was 4-12 to 1-19


Do you have the Waterford line up?


Were you there?



Here nursing some severe sunburn. Proper roaster style.


Are ye watching?


Watching what, brother?


12 u 21s on that Cork panel.


Try 7 mate.


I thought Marty said 12 of the panel no?


Marty can’t count past ten pal.




Either way. There’s a lesson there


Limerick used 6 U21s against Clare in the forwards alone mate.

Another interesting one - we had 3 players involved in the 2011 U21 Munster Final on the pitch agin Clare. Cork had, I think, 6 today.


7 on the matchday panel. One more on the training panel at least. Fuck knows where he found the other four.


Was the hurling draw not this morning??


No next Monday. They don’t want any of the fans to have too long to be planning their weekends.


Was it meant to be today? Fuckin joke.


Laois/Carlow is still to be played next weekend so they are holding off until then. It’s a balls really.