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Where’s there’s life 3


After he finished his leaving cert.


Jesus you’re that fucking bad, you can’t even get yourself banned. At least project x was able to manage that.




Who won the u25 game


Just stop replying with it.


Does anyone know when the new Championship hurling format starts? Round robin job.


I would expect Andrew to start and there is a possibility O’Meara could be full back.


It was supposed to be next year but the GPA have a few toys they want to throw out of the pram


“Should Central Council give the ideas the green light at its meeting on Saturday 17 June, a Special Congress to vote on the measures would be called later in the year.”

Any word on what happened here?


Didn’t hear


Special Congress has been arranged. We had a great meeting.


I hope you didn’t forget your prozac


Cheers Mike. So no one really knows then.


It will be in place for the 2018 Championship.

It is designed to destroy the Provincial Championships by dint of familiarity, and it will succeed. In 10 years, the Provinces will be gone.


Having said that then what are your thoughts on it? Do you believe it’s the end of the present system for real and are you happy with that?


All I heard was that about 70% of the counties involved were in favour but some of the “weaker” counties had concerns. Now what that means I don’t know. But it was good enough for the GPA raise the issue.
On balance though I’d say it’ll happen


There’s a three year testing period so it’ll soon become apparent if it’s a runner or not. The change will be interesting.



What sort of name is Molumby ?
Some bastardisation of the equally ridiculous Molumphy ?