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So if Na Piarsaigh beat the Derry crowd we won’t have access to any of them for the duration of the group stage of the league. Ffs.

Was always going to happen but any slim, tiny chance of beating Galway in Salthill and achieving promotion has gone now.

We’ll struggle against Dublin too, if Hannon is out.


I’m less bothered by that than by the effect it may have on integrating the Na P players and getting them up to speed in time for championship. There’s a few that may lose out on starting positions by not having the time to play their way into them in the league.


It doesnt matter a fuck. with that bluffer Kiely and that ape Kinnerk in charge they could have the greatest 15 to play the game and they’d still be an embarrassment. Playing hot potato is all they are capable of . 15 passes around the back and then whack it to no one. Fucking joke of a set up.


What kind of injury did Hayes pick up? Be interesting to see who gets the 6 jersey against Clare.


Hickey I’d guess.


Dan Morrissey will be centre back I’d imagine.


I gave out about lads having a pop at Kiely in January. But I must point this out from the article…

“We are trying to avoid overloading lads in January”



Didn’t he only play a half in each game?


Yes. Why? The point is that he says he doesn’t want to overload players and then plays a challenge game the day before a Munster league fixture where most players are involved both days and also said in the post match interview that they had trained hard a ‘few times’ mid week. Is it any surprise some lads will pick up muscle injuries then, especially likes of Hannon who is injury prone at the best of times


He only played a half in the second game because he was gone off injured, so not sure that stands up to scrutiny




He only played a half in the second game because he got injured you dimwit.


Didn’t Limerick empty the bench at half time?


I like JK but it was foolish to play twice in the space of 24 hours.

After Teege arranged for a challenge match away to Kilkenny on the Sunday night after a full round of local club championship matches that weekend I had hoped crazy decisions like that were behind us.

Anyway hopefully Hannon will be back soon enough. That bloody Fitzgibbon Cup will be starting again soon and guaranteed to pick up more injuries in that too.


Hayes has had an injury since before the 21s semi final. I’m not sure it was tactical for him to be playing half forward for his club in the latter stages of their championship either. Hopefully he isn’t going to feature in the fitzgibbon and comes back fresh for the latter stages of the league.


Kiely cleverly getting all the injuries out of the way at the early part of the season. Shrewd.


We need Hayes for the Dublin game on the 17th February,that is a bigger game for us in the league this year than the Galway one if the league format changes.If we win every game we can have a free shot at Galway but we have little to no chance of beating them away without the NAP lads.


You stupid bastard.


You’ll pick up a couple of cheap likes but the fact remains that this injury came after about 60 minutes of hurling, not the 140 that is being implied


You’re one to talk.