Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


That was before the Clare game in Ennis?

I saw a few of them having a few pints around the town before the game, but didnt see any I/C panelists with them in fairness…same day Nash was sent off and Conlan got the early goal which sealed it for Clare in the end.


I hope they wait for the Galway lads in the car park and fuck cans at their bus


You must have missed the part about the heavy training during the week and the 35 mins of hurling before he went out again on the Sunday and tore his hammer?


Fuck Galway


I’m missing something obviously, he trained during the week and played 60 minutes of hurling at the weekend???
Ate Limerick players the only ones in the country who had this foisted on them last week?


Not doubting you but why the fuck would he have participated in the boxing in December if he was carrying a serious injury. Any chance its a different injury


No idea!


We figured out earlier both cork tipp and Dublin had also played twice at the weekend


Don’t think Tipp did


Would you ever fuck off with your stupid childish fucking old woman tales.


He’s right that only Peter Casey is a cert to start, but you’re also right there’ll probably be five starting. Mick Casey will very likely start, Dowling will likely start. O’Donoghue has a very good chance of starting midfield, I think Downes is on his way back and David Dempsey has a decent chance too.


Casey will never amount to nothing


Na p could have 6 starters or only 2 come championship . No one really knows yet .


You sure they weren’t lattes ?


Important league game?


Sad to see the Limerick infighting starting earlier than normal.


Earlier? This is about the usual time surely? One fella has written off the entire year because NaP are playing some ‘Derry crowd’.


I forgot Ronan Lynch who should be in somewhere too. There’s 4 or 5 starters in that.


The biggest problem facing limerick with the nap lads is when they come back and their attitude. Nap aren’t a ballyhale who had the five best players on the kk team in their club team. Nap have maybe 1 or 2 of the best players in the limerick first 15 but say between 16 and 45 you could argue nap 18 or 19 of the best players in limerick. When the 10 or so nap players come back in March They’ll rightly or wrongly have a big ego and expect to start and backbone the team. No other club team will have more than 3 on the panel by this stage. Bonds are foraged early and this can really upset the apple tart. If things don’t go to plan for the 50/50 calls like Ronan’ lynch/downing/wod will they really want to sit on the bench for limerick? Particularly given how strong their club is. This heaps pressure on Kiely too as people from the outside will question why isn’t there more nap lads on the team. Armagh had similar struggles with crossmaglen players over the years. How Kiely handles this Will have a massive bearing on Limericks year.


You’ve to take bonds where you find them I suppose