Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be




The man loves his apple based desserts.


THe subtly was lost on Julio.


Nothing better than a foraged apple tart


The subtle difference between subtly and subtlety was not however.


More absolute shite.

You’re now attributing a bad attitude to players based on nothing but your own bitterness and begrudgery. Shove your apple tart up your hole.


That’s a great post. Limerick will win nothing with soft city cunts. The grit young Kyle Hayes showed last year is what you need all over the field. That’s why I’d have Barry O’Connell back and I hope young O’Meara sticks around the panel. Hes a lovely bit of stuff. To be fair Peter Casey has the right stuff.


WHICh nap player threw the toys out of the Pram after not getting enough minutes in a league game versus Dublin last year?


Give us a hint, how many medals does he have?


In 2016? It was either Dowling(doubtful),Downes or Lynch as they were the only NAP players involved in that game in the QF I think?


are you another nap prick?


Im not attributing anything to anyone. Merely pointing out the difficulties when 8 or 9 lads from the one club come back into a panel that’s been together for four months. A little like in band of brothers when the reserves join easy company after bastille. It can lead to argue in the group.


Nap are the arse bandits of brothers


I’m from a proper fucking club.


That’s not what you said. You said that they’ll have a big ego and expect to backbone the team. Ridiculous statement to apply equally to 10 players, most of them not established at intercounty level. You’re talking complete shite.


Bar dowling none of that nap team are established senior intercounty hurlers. Of course they’ve massive egos you clown. Any successfull team has huge egos.


ASR hammering Gaelcholaiste

Hospital and Templemore level with 15 mins to go .


ASR won easy. Hospital lost by a point 4 mins into injury time.

Midelton v Templemore


Hospital unlucky beaten by a pointed free 4 mins into injury time,huge work done out there!


+1. Fantastic work done by coaches and volunteers out there over the last few years. It’s an incredible feat to have a healthy Hospital.